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Carpet cleaning is an essential part of home cleaning task. The different types of things in our environment that make the carpet dirty and can also leave any poisonous effect on that. There are a number of methods to clean your carpet, but the most popular procedures are steam carpet cleaning, carpet shampooing, dry carpet cleaning, and hand cleaning methods, and so on. We will discuss here these methods one by one which are able to deep clean getting rid of all the dirt, dust, mites altogether.

Although, which method is perfect for you, it will completely depend upon the carpet types or the material of your carpet. In the following, we have laid out the best carpet cleaning methods step by step.

5 most popular carpet cleaning methods

Carpet cleaning would obviously be necessary when you notice that it’s dirty. It doesn’t matter what type of condition it is, just you have to clean it. We are going to describe on 5 best carpet cleaning methods one by one.

Carpet shampooing

Carpet shampooing

Carpet shampooing is the best way to deep clean the carpet and this method helps to extend the life of your lovely carpet as well. Before you start to do that, you have to do some important task to make your job super easy.

First, remove all the furniture, toys, and such out of the room. If it’s not possible, at least, keep them all any corner of the room. After that, due to clean hair, large dirt, dust balls, and such, vacuum the carpet superbly. Although, carpet shampooer has vacuuming future which is good for sucking up small sized dirt and water, it’s not able to pick up large particles and debris. Moreover, by vacuuming your carpet, it will be fluffy that helps shampooing relatively more effective.

In this step, if you notice any stain on the carpet, use the basic carpet stain remover like Spot Shot Professional Instant. And, before using this, just follow the instruction mentioned on the packet properly.

Now you can buy or rent the carpet shampooer. However, before you use this machine, you should know how it works. And to do that Pay attention to the user instruction. But if it doesn’t have any instruction, try to examine the unit to see different part, settings, buttons, and so on.

In this step, fill the water tank of the machine with water preferably hot water up to the max fill line. Make sure it doesn’t over that max fill line so that the shampooer runs nicely. And then mix carpet soap which is especially made up of using with the shampooer. Pay special attention the amount of soap that is instructed. Otherwise, it can leave soap scum on the carpet or can clog your machine also. But if your shampooer has separate compartment to pour the soap, pour it there to do your shampooing job correctly.

Now run the machine on your carpet and choose the edge of carpet to start in. And try to take the unit as close to the wall. (In this way, cover all over the carpet. And you can repeat the procedure, if needed.) Or you can also start from wherever you want, however, try not to walk on that side which have already been done. For the best result, you can overlap the earlier line each and every time making sure there is no dust or dirty spots at all.

Finally, after finishing the carpet shampooing job, let it dry completely and then brick back all the furniture, toys, and other necessary things as you would keep in your room.

Steam carpet cleaning

steam carpet cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning is another effective method to remove dust, stains, and other dirt from your carpet. Before doing this, you have to remove all furniture, toys, other things from the room, especially from the carpet. In a word, clear the floor as much as you can. Sometimes, the furniture can be too heavy. If this is the case, then wrap their legs with foil, wax paper, or plastic film to protect them from moisture during steam cleaning. But if you live in one small room or don’t have another space to move the furniture, then make two sections in your room and keep them all to half of the room. And after you dry the carpet, bring back the room where it was.

Now vacuum the whole carpet twice to take out dirt, dust, particles, or other large dirt. Firstly, run the vacuum machine in one direction and secondly, do it in the opposite direction due to grab large particles or even carpet beetle or bed bugs, etc. And when you vacuum the carpet, try to do it more slowly than you normally would so that you can make sure that all the dust, dirt, other things are gone nicely.

However, keep in mind, before vacuuming your carpet, clean the baseboards area and any nook and cranny superbly. Aside from that, vacuuming the carpet properly make it fluffy which helps the steamer to clean the dirt and dust more efficiently.

Afterwards, treat any spot stain with stain remover wherever you notice on the carpet since steamer is not able to do that. And when doing that, dab at the stain with a microfiber towel, otherwise it can go deep into the carpet.

In this step, the first thing you need to do is to fill the carpet steam cleaner with hot water, although most of the machines contain a special heating mechanism to make the water hot. Pour as much water as the direction book mentioned. Just keep in mind that it should be up to the maximum fill line on that tank.

Normally, steam cleaner utilize a few types of detergent to clean the carpet so be sure to look over the machine’s directions just what type of detergent you should use.

At times, we notice that some unit have different compartment to put soap and water. If you are not interesting to use detergent, then you can also use vinegar as a natural cleaner which is excellent for cleaning the carpet very well. And for that, combine with 50/50 vinegar and hot water in the machine.

When, all the preparation is completed, start steaming from one corner to another and try to do it straight lines with every run. To get better result, it’s important to overlap the earlier line before you begin a new one. And by overlapping, it would be nice and clean properly and ultimately, it will make sure that there is no dirt or dust on the carpet. Or you can also choose another way whatever you like, but the main thing is you have to perform the job without stepping on your recently cleaned carpet.

Dry carpet cleaning

Actually, dry cleaning method means no need to use water that is to say no drying time. The above mentioned 2 methods carpet shampooing and steam carpet cleaning are used water. But if you do not want to saturate your carpet with water or any type of liquid, then this procedure would be best.

In this method, you need a special cleaning compound powder like Arm & Hammer Extra Strength Carpet Cleaners to clean your carpet. First off, sprinkle this powder all over the carpet liberally. It’s important to notice it that the heavily soiled part is covered with this completely, especially deep dirt or stain needs relatively more powder to clean effectively. This dry carpet cleaning powder is found any local general store or online market.

Using soft-bristled scrub brush, get this powder into the carpet. If you have any problem to bend while scrubbing with this brush, you can use nylon carpet brush which is fitted with threaded handle. It can be used upholstery brush of vacuum cleaner instead of those brushes. No matter which brush you use, just move it back and forth along with the carpet sometimes.

Pro tip: Before you start this procedure, vacuum the carpet reaching all the nooks and crannies as well. Furthermore, use any carpet stain remover, if you face any stain on the carpet.

After that, allow this powder to sit on the carpet about half an hour so that it can work well that means pick up all the grime and dust properly. With this in mind, keep your lovely children and pets out of the carpet when applying the powder to clean the carpet. Then vacuum the carpet thoroughly as you usually would so that it’s possible to remove as much of the powder as you want. Get bright, nice and clean carpet afterward.

Bonnet carpet cleaning

Bonnet carpet cleaning

When your carpet is extremely filthy, it needs to be scrubbed with a bonnet. That being said, if your carpet is used in high traffic areas, then you should apply this bonnet cleaning method. And doing this, you have to move all the furniture and other small things that could be damaged. Then by using the best vacuum for carpet, clean as mush of the unsteady dirt and debris. Now with the help of a heavy duty motorized machine that contains stunning spinning pad immerse the top of your carpet fibre with cleaning solution (warm water and the proper solution of bonnet cleaner) that can absorb the dirt and dust from the carpet surface.

Actually, bonnet carpet cleaning is the most popular for any high traffic areas like hotel or other public place where the carpet needs to be cleaned in the absence of much moisture as well as possible to dry very faster so that it can prevent inconvenience of the hotel guest. This is also important to remember that, this procedure is not able to clean the carpet deeply, just on the carpet surface evenly. And for this method, you should take help from any professional bonnet carpet cleaner.

Carpet cleaning by hand

hand carpet cleaning

The truth of the matter is that the above stated techniques are expensive and need to take professional assistance. So if you can’t afford to rent one of them, you should not think that it’s quite impossible to clean your carpet. The good news is that there are some simple and easy ways to clean your lovely carpet by hand. In the following, we’re describing some methods and homemade cleaning solutions which work wonder at removing spots, weird smell, and cleaning the carpet completely.

Clean the carpet with a carpet brush

When a good enough dust and dirt get on the carpet by kids, and those who forgot to take off their shoes before coming on the carpet, and are you’re likely to rent a carpet cleaner or any cost-effective way, then apply this simple and inexpensive method to clean and make it look like a new once again.

Before you start the cleaning job, move all furniture and other small things from the carpet. Afterward, using a carpet brush, remove dust, soil, and other pollutants from your carpet that become trapped into the carpet fibres. In this way, you have to brush over the entire carpet area to loosen all the dust, pet hair, and debris.

After that, vacuum the carpet to pick up the loosen things easily. And this method should be performed at least once a week to keep your carpet dirt free.

Clean the carpet with vinegar

This is another simple way to get your carpet clean as well as be smelling fresh. To apply this method, the first thing you need to do is to arrange some necessities like white vinegar, a bucket, scrub brush, and warm water.

First, fill a bucket with equal part of white vinegar and warm water. Scrub with that brush dipped into the vinegar solution. With this in mind, your carpet will be a little bit of wet, not saturated while scrubbing with the cleaning solution.

Once you have done with scrubbing, fill another bucket with fresh water. Now dip a microfiber cloth into the bucket, wring it out and eventually scrub the carpet repeatedly to clean it superbly until you’re not satisfied.

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Clean the carpet with baking soda

Baking soda method is a miracle and amazing product to clean so many things in your home including kitchen items, carpet, mattress, and such. In the following, we’ve laid out the procedure on how to clean carpet with baking soda.

This is an inexpensive solution and environment friendly as well. First off, vacuum your carpet vigorously. After that, sprinkle some baking soda liberally over the carpet. Let the baking soda sit about 12 hours or more to work wonder. Then, using the best carpet cleaner, vacuum it excellently. If you’re not satisfied, repeat the procedure and make your carpet odor-free, nice and clean and enjoy it with your family members.


We have already tried to discuss the most common and the best carpet cleaning methods in detail. Now you will be able to clean your valuable carpet easily by applying any of the above-listed technique. Clean your carpet, stay nice and safe, and share your experience with us.

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