Discovering The Best Vacuum For Carpeted Stairs

If you reside in a multi- story home and you have a stairway with carpet runner or your staircase are carpeted, then you will definitely know that it does not take very long before the stair carpet begins to look dirty and tired. If you want a dirt free carpeted stairs, using a vacuum can prove to be of massive help. However, now a day, there are so many options are available selecting the right vacuum for carpeted stairs can be a great and amazing experience. Here I will discuss some tips and suggestions that you can use to select perfect device for your requirements. Invest some time right here and discover what are the recommendations or suggestions which I am going to select the best vacuum cleaner for carpeted stairs.

Features of the best vacuum cleaner for carpeted stairs matters

When selecting a vacuum cleaner to vacuum your staircase, a number of points should be remembered. If the vacuum is chosen or selected while thinking about these essential factors, the possibilities of displeasure will be reduced significantly.

1.  Weight of model

When a user's plan is to clean the stairs, the weight of the product should never be ignored. Lightweight designs work significantly well as they are simple and also comfortable to lift up and down the stair.

2. Long Hoses

Another important aspect of a device to get it the headline of the best vacuum cleaner for carpeted stairs is hose. It is dust sucker. A stretchy, lightweight hose with very good, not very short length is necessary for getting the places which have dust and allergens filling up them to the brim.

3. Cordless or long cord

​Cordless or corded is also another option which has to be made by the consumer during the procedure of making the purchase. If the cable is very long, getting up and down the stairways will be simpler and quicker. Long cables offer sufficient range as well as don't limit the movement. Plugging or re-plugging of this long cord will not be a hassle. Nevertheless, it handling the cords can take effort and time.

A cordless vacuum will be free from this type of unnecessary burden and it permits a user to move conveniently. The important factor in this regard is to get a device that doesn't require to be recharged after each five minutes and has very long battery life.

4. Easy Maneuverable

You should choose the device that maneuvers without using a lot of efforts and also does it correctly. It should offer a lot more control

The type of vacuum cleaner

Canister vacuums

As the name suggest, the canister vacuums have canister body. These are generally less noisy and have a better suction than upright vacuums. These are ideal for almost all types of floor and above the floor cleaning such as drapes, upholstery, and shelves. But canister vacuum cleaners are normally difficult to maneuver. These vacuums (canister) need to have long power cable and hoses due to be ideal for vacuuming staircases.

Upright vacuums

Upright vacuums are generally used in our homes. These are perfect for vacuuming practically any place in our house. Due to their upright style, you don't need to twist or stress on your back while vacuuming, that is an amazing advantage of these vacuum. That's why; these upright vacuums are perfect for vacuuming stairs, specifically for consumers who suffering from back pain. The main disadvantage of this vacuum is the weight, therefore be aware of it when buying this vacuum.

Stick vacuums

This kind of vacuum cleaner looks like a stick. Stick vacuums are actually great for vacuuming stairs, the floors, and lightweight carpets, provided that they generate sufficient suction. These are simple to carry around as well as extremely lightweight, that is their biggest asset. A lot of stick vacuum cleaners are battery powered, but yet the capability of their dustbin is pretty small and most of them don't work as good as full size vacuum cleaners.

Handheld vacuums

As their name suggest, the handheld vacuums are generally in operated in one hand while vacuuming. These vacuums are normally used to clean upholstery, cars, and difficult to reach areas in the house. But, sorry to say that handheld vacuums lack the capability of full-sized upright or canister vacuums. That's why it can be utilized on stairs with some minor restrictions.

Corded vs cordless

Whether cordless or corded depends upon personal choice but as far as convenience in vacuuming is concerned, a cableless should be your decision. Actually, a cordless vacuum cleaner is easier to use on your stairs without having those cords in your path. And you don't need to re-plug your vacuum when you move up and down. But a cordless vacuum has its own time restrictions as well as battery considerations. So you need to look over those issues.

Which vacuum for carpeted stairs to choose?

You definitely want a vacuum which has powerful suction whenever you are vacuuming your stairs. These are the most worked over places of rug or carpet in your home and you would like to make sure that they get the better clean. When you are searching for the best vacuum cleaners for stairs, having a lightweight cleaner is the key. During your cleaning, you will have to move the vacuum cleaner from one room to another, and so having a light vacuum makes your job easier.

Canister vacuum size doesn't an issue very much here simply because stairways have small surface area, however you will really want a vacuum with a long hose.

​You have to make sure that your vacuum has a number of attachments. Turbo brush or a crevice tool is an excellent addition that boosts the surface cleaning task-where hose is important. When you are researching and trying to understand what the best vacuum cleaner for carpeted stairs is, of course you come across the discussion of what kind of vacuum is the greatest for vacuuming stairs.

Will an upright vacuum cleaner provide you ideal cleaning for you, or is it so heavy to carry all around? A handheld model is the most convenient to use, and really, will it have sufficient battery power to get the job done? And finally, what about a canister vacuum cleaner?

​With various kinds of vacuum, it might not be very easy to find out the best one.
Although you can utilize any of the vacuum cleaners above here, the definitely best machine for stairs is a canister vacuum with long hose that is lightweight as well. This kind of vacuum permits you very easy maneuverability, but yet strong vacuuming power than any handheld vacuum.
From the five amazing vacuums on our list, we select the Shark Navigator 356E as the best vacuum cleaner that is ideal for cleaning staircase.

Why do you clean your carpeted staircase?

A well maintained carpeted stair is filled with dazzling and vibrant colors that include character to your house. It's cosy and soft surface area. After some time, however, the dust and dirt will slowly accumulate on its blurry surface. The dust can damage the carpets fibers and increase the growth of harmful bacteria, which make your carpet just undesirable to see. To refrain from all of this, we suggest cleaning your stair once a week or a month.
Keep in mind, regular carpet cleaning prolongs its life and develops the interior air quality.

Cleaning carpeted stairs –is it really hassle?

​Homes with more than one floor that are full of wall to wall carpets will normally also have carpeting on the staircase. While that will look pretty good and protect from slipping on the staircase, carpeted stairs also create troubles. Regular staircase is very difficult to clean. So, just how do you clean your carpeted stairs nicely?
As it turns out, this is not as tough as you might think. If you ask yourself continuously, how to steam clean your carpet stairs, how to keep carpeted stairs clean, how to clean stains off carpet, when the carpet is attached to the stairs and so on – and then you might get the solution and it will be completely hassle free.

Very simple way to clean your carpeted stairs

Cleaning a stair can be a task that is regarded as tough and also time consuming. Here we have given a simple and efficient ways to clean stairs for those times when you are not able to hire a skilled carpeted stair cleaning service.

  • 1
    Rake-  Try to use a scrub brush or stiff broom to loosen up the dirt and take away big pieces of debris. And pay attention to edges and corners. And you have to start at the top stair and then progress right down to the down stair.
  • 2
    Vacuum- Use a vacuum or cordless handheld vacuum cleaner which has hose attachment or a brush to suck up dirt and dust.
  • 3
    Shampoo- Then use a carpet shampoo on the carpet with the scrub brush. The shampoo will work into the fibers and that time you have to pay specific attention to seriously soiled places.
  • 4
    Remove excess water- After using shampoo each step you will have to follow up with a dry/wet vacuum cleaner to remove extra water. Instead of wet/ dry vacuum you can use an absorbent towel. And it is important to have every step as dry as possible to protect mould and also other pollutants from growing because of wet environment.
  • 5
    Dry- And allow the stairways to air dry for minimum twelve hours.
  • 6
    Vacuum again - And then get back over the carpet with the handheld vacuum cleaner and vacuum again for completely dry.

Best vacuums for carpeted stairs

We have listed the five best vacuums for carpeted stairs below;

1. The Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E

​The Shark Navigator Lift -Away NV356E is an excellent all over the upright vacuums. It includes a HEPA filter along with anti-allergen technology that makes your air cleaner. The lift away canister makes this vacuum wonderful for stairs. It provides you extremely powerful suction of an upright vacuum within the body of a canister vacuum cleaner.

The 30 feet cable makes sure that you are able to do the whole trip of stairs without re-plugging the machine. The wand tool is incredibly strong that makes the Shark Navigator ideal for stairs.

​This canister vacuum includes a floor head with simply a press of a switch, which makes it super easy to use. It also comes with highly effective attachments which can be used for vacuuming your carpeted stairs nicely or efficiently. The power brush of this vacuum provides outstanding performance on carpeted stairways, picking up all types of dust and debris, deeply inserted dirt, and also hair off your carpeted stairs.
This Shark Navigator features the dust away attachment that is made for vacuuming hard surface areas. That means if you have wood stairs, you can use dust away attachments. And if the dirt gets stacked up in the small corners of your staircase, you will use crevice tool to remove them.

Shark Navigator Lift AwayNV356E

The features of the Shark Navigator NV356E at a glance;

  • Lightweight, powerful, and portable.
  • Dust- away attachment for bare floor.
  • Shark's Anti- Allergen Sealed technology + HEPA filter.
  • 2 in 1 that means Lift- Away and Canister vacuum.
  • 30 feet cord.
  • Crevic tool (8 inch) to clean difficult to reach areas.
  • Weight 13.7 lbs
  • Powerful suction.
  • Upright style in the body of a canister vacuum cleaner.
  • Warranty five years 

All these effective qualities make this vacuum the best one. In a word this is an all-rounder vacuum. So if you purchase this vacuum you will not need another vacuum in your home.

2. Dyson DC65 complete upright vacuum cleaner

One of our best selections in 2018, and no doubt the Dyson DC65 is always at the top of the list in vacuum cleaners. And actually, this Upright Vacuum cleaner is no exception. This vacuum is really an all rounder because you can use it in your entire home from floors to ceilings including carpeted stairs. The key feature of Dyson DC65 is its wonderful suction power. It's best used on carpeted stairs and bare floors. Most of the upright vacuum cleaners are great just on floors, because they have very small hose; alternatively the Dyson DC65 includes an extra long hose as well as a telescopic wand together with a variety of attachments which make it the best choice for all the small jobs around your home such as carpeted stairs cleaning.

​First, it offers you an extra long hose with telescopic wand, and with these you can clean them very easily.
Second, it has powerful attachments which make carpeted stair cleaning job surprisingly easy.

And this DysonDC65 features counter rotating heads and tangle-free turbine tool that pick up all the hair and dirt from your carpeted stairs. It also has a combination of crevice and stair tool and both of them will help you to clean up your carpeted stairs nicely. This vacuuming machine is better in any edge cleaning than other cleaning machine on the market today. Other accessories added are multi angle brush, soft dusting brush, stiff bristle brush and so on. Although this device is expensive, you have to get satisfied with its 5 years warranty- consequently you will enjoy the advantages of the latest as well as most effective features that DysonDC65 offers.

Customers were pleased with how superb the Dyson vacuum cleaner moves on carpeted stairs, removing serious dirt very easily.

Dyson DC65 Complete Upright Vacuum

The features of this product at a glance;

  • Strong suction
  • Tangle-free-turbine tool and counter rotating heads with brush to clean dirt and hair from your carpeted stairs.
  • Very easy to maneuver.
  • Crevic Tool for any edge cleaning.
  • Extra-long hose and wand to clean the staircase properly.
  • 35 feet long power cord offers excellent range of journey
  • Very easy to maneuver for its ball design.
  • HEPA filtration system.
  • Soft dusting brush.
  • 5 years warranty.

3. Bissell PowerGlide Upright Corded Vacuum

The Bissell PowerGlide Upright Corded Vacuum cleaner provides you a great value for your hard earned money with its 2 in 1 model that includes an upright vacuum and a portable canister. That means you can purchase an all rounder device, which can be utilized for your entire home like stairs, furniture, carpet, or your upholstery.

This lightweight, handheld canister vacuum makes it very easy to bear. And that's why this is the best vacuum for cleaning carpeted stairs. It has 27 feet long cord that makes it more convenient to move 27 feet radios cleaning area without the need to unplug and re-plug. The Bissell PowerGlide Upright Vacuum cleaner is a corded vacuum that means there is absolutely no bother of charging or recharging a battery and it is possible to vacuum whenever you want. This vacuum comes with simply press of a button, which makes it very simple to use. Using this Bissell PowerGlide Upright Vacuum You can clean not only carpeted stairs but also your walls, ceilings, upholstery, car mats, and other difficult to reach places. When you need to vacuum your carpeted stairs, you have to use the pet turbo brush tool that is included in it. This pet turbo brush lifts up all dust, allergens, dirt, and hair and making it impeccably clean. It also features a crevice tool that helps to clean any corners or any tight places.

Bissell PowerGlide Upright Corded Vacuum

Key features of this Vacuum Cleaner at a glance;

  • Lightweight, portable and versatile.
  • Outstanding suction power.
  • Nice cable length at 27 feet.
  • Its portable and lift off mode is very efficient for cleaning carpeted stairs.
  • Swivel steering to easy maneuver all around furniture.
  • Multi – level filtration system to remove allergens.
  • Crevic tool to clean any hard to reach areas.
  • Pet Turbo Eraser tool to lift up hair and dirt from your carpeted stairs.
  • Bagless and upright design.
  • 5 years warranty. 

4. Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vacuum (HV292)

Low priced than many other handheld vacuum cleaners of its type, but the Shark Rocket (HV292) is no less than other vacuums whenever it in any action. It is regarded as the best vacuum for carpeted stairs. The dust, particles as well as tiny messes are grabbed with wonderful efficiency along with the suction power is also never lost during the whole procedure. This machine is compact and it features 15 feet long power cable that helps to remove dust and dirt from averaged sized carpeted stairs. The portability, suction power, maneuverability and the variety of attachments it contains, makes it a great choice for carpeted stair vacuuming.

​The Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vacuum is ultra lightweight that provides you easy and quick cleaning. The extremely useful function of this machine is True Pet Motorized Brush that is able to perform the deep vacuuming on any surface areas such as stairs, furniture, and car interiors.
It also features a stretch hose and 12 inch crevice tool to reach more challenging areas. The Shark Rocket HV292 is bagless and very simple to empty its dust cup – just hold this dirt cup over the bin then you have to push the bottom part release switch on the front to easily empty. And the filter of this vacuum is washable and reusable.

Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vacuum HV292

Key features of this product at a glance;

  • It's compact and very lightweight (weight under 4 pounds) design.
  • Constant suction power.
  • 15 feet long power cable to vacuum 15 ft radios areas.
  • Easily flexible hose.
  • 12 inch crevice tool.
  • Bagless and simply to empty dirt cup.
  • TruePet Motorized Brush for deep cleaning your carpeted stairs.
  • Filter is washable and also reusable.
  • Price is reasonable.
  • 1 year limited warranty.

5. The Deik 2 in 1 Upright Cordless Vacuum cleaner

This cheap vacuum is perfect for getting small and easy cleaning jobs done all around your home. The lack of cable makes it comfortable for the consumers to handle it as well as it's suitable for cleaning carpeted stairs. This machine is user-friendly, weightless, and also effective. This Deik 2 in 1 Cordless vacuum can be stored very easily for its unique folding design. It features motorized brush and this motorized brush head makes the carpeted stairs dirt and dust free. If you want to change this vacuum from upright mode to handheld mode, you have to press a single button. It has 180 degree swivel steering system that makes sure excellent and convenient maneuverability and versatility.

 It is actually a stick upright vacuum which can be converted into a strong handheld vacuum cleaner instantly and smoothly. When you need to clean stairs, take its handheld part and to vacuum your kitchen floor use its upright stick part. I really like this duel function products which is an excellent option. The Deik 2 in 1 Upright Vacuum also has longer battery life than can last 25 minutes on its full charge. And it also includes a HEPA filter that is definitely desired today. It can be a little bit noisy while cleaning as it creates very much power to a small upright stick vacuum. If you want superb relaxing operation, it would be perfect for you.

Deik 2 in 1 Upright Cordless Vacuum

Key features of this Vacuum at a glance;

  • Swivel steering system to makes it easy maneuverable.
  • 2 in 1 model vacuum that includes upright and handheld mode.
  • Stiff brush and crevice tool to clean stairs, cars, upholstery, and also difficult to reach areas.
  • Lightweight (weight 4.7 pounds)
  • Cordless and bagless.
  • HEPA filtration system.
  • Versatile and handheld.
  • Affordable.
  • Lithium Ion Battery (22.2 v)
  • 1 year limited warranty.

Actually, there are many vacuums available in the market today. Some vacuums are so bulky as well as so weighty to bear up and down the stairways. The cordless styles can be the best, but its battery technology is far from perfect. And the canister vacuum with long hose is easy maneuverable and lightweight. It has also powerful suction. So, we can say all those vacuum will be the best vacuum cleaner for carpeted stairs.

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