5 Best Vacuum for Tile Floors that You can Buy

Today's finding the best vacuum for tile floors is completely a tough job. The material of the floors can be found in various forms and to clean them, you need cleaning device with particular capacities. Every vacuum cleaner doesn't clean tile floors safely and effectively. Some machines leave dust and dirt behind even after multiple passes while others can cause damage of the floor. This is just an experience of your life that you wouldn't happen to you.

Tile floor can look very dirty if you don't clean on a regular basis. Normally the cleaning frequency depends on the color of your tile and grout. Tile floors tend to show up dust and dirt more than carpets, rugs, or other types of floors. That's why, tile flooring needs to be cleaned more frequently. Usually, tile tends to collect dust, dirt, debris, and mud very easily. However, the benefit of these floors are that they can be cleaned very easily and quickly, with the special machines. 

Following are those best vacuum for tile floors that you might want to get;

Here we are discussing the best vacuum for tile floors which will be the best for you:

Dyson V8 Absolute

Dyson V8 Absolute

Dyson brand comes at first when we talking about the tile floors. This small and lightweight Dyson V8 Absolute is one of their latest achievements. This brand really did something special with its vacuum machine.
The first feature of this vacuum cleaner is it's cord-free which allows you to move one room to another very easily and nicely. With the cordless feature, you can use this unit as a handheld vacuum. It helps you to move from bathroom to kitchen. Moreover, it can be used as a car vacuum cleaner for its stiff nylon bristles feature. And these are the significant advantages as well as selling points of this vacuum.
Another important feature of this unit is its suction power. Though battery life can be a big issue the Dyson V8 Absolute will offer almost 40 minutes of powerful suction.

This vacuum has a motorized floor tool attachment which provides 25 minutes of vacuuming but Dyson recommends their users to charge this vacuum cleaner minimum for 4 hours.
Dyson Absolute is also able to clean up grime and other allergens which you can easily breathe in. This is the best vacuum with HEPA filter that can take care of all types of allergen problems, that is exceptional in a vacuum. It has a maximum power mode that can very easily and quickly clean a tile floor.
It has a hygienic dirt ejector that takes away all the dirt and dust from the bin instantly.
The Dyson V6 Absolute features a Docking Station that helps you to store and charge this machine conveniently and efficiently that means this is always ready to go. It features a slide button to select maximum power mode that offers you about seven minutes of higher suction for much more tough tasks.

If you budget for your vacuum cleaner, I will recommend purchasing this Dyson V8 Absolute that is actually designed for saving your money and picking up dirt dust as well as sweeping up allergens from the tile floors with its HEPA filtration system.
There are a lot of benefits about this V8 Absolute. That's why this is the top of our list. Its HEPA Filter, Dirt Ejector as well as versatility, especifically convert to a handheld for cleaning tight places can perform spot cleaning, or any type of quickly cleaning chores.
Consumers liked the vacuum's Direct Drive cleaner head for cleaning tile floors and deep into carpet and soft roller cleaner head with strong suction for removing fine dust as well as large debris from hard floors including tile and laminate. So, they use it as the best vacuum for tile and laminate floors also.

Key features of this product at a glance;

  • Powerful suction for cleaning tile floors.
  • Small and lightweight design. (Weight 5.75 pounds
  • HEPA filtration system and cord free
  • Comes with a soft roller cleaner head for cleaning tile floor and carpet floor.
  • Hygienic dust ejector.
  • Flexible Docking station for easily storing and charging this device.
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Direct-Drive Cleaner Head for deep cleaning dirt from carpet.
  • Its sound is much quieter.
  • 2 Tier radial cyclones always work in parallel and help to increase airflow and grab fine dust.

Pros and cons of this product at a glance,



  • Most powerful cordless vacuum on the market now.
  • Soft roller cleaning brush which is really best for bare floors such as tile, linoleum, or hardwood floors.
  • HEPA filtration is available
  • Good run time (40 mins Max)
  • Hygienic dust ejector is very effective
  • Easy to convert to a handheld vacuum
  • Direct drive motor head to clean deep into carpet and tile floor
  • Cord–free and compact design
  • The docking station is very convenient
  • Very easy to maneuver.
  • Lightweight and also quieter.
  • Bit xxpensive
  • Dust bin capacity is small

"I am really surprised. I read other reviews where consumers saying that they liked it so much, but I was a bit dubious about the battery powered products. But after using this I saw it's an excellent vacuum cleaner. Its docking station makes this unit very easy to charge and use as well. The cordless feature of this vacuum makes it easy to use and maneuver.The important buying point for me is it's possible to convert to a handheld mode for stairs or car. With this machine, I cleaned my stairs much more often.This vacuum also has a direct-drive cleaner head that is very effective for deep cleaning carpet, especially when I noticed signs of carpet beetle infestation in my carpet. I was not optimistic, but this unit is one of the best and I really love it to vacuum my tile floors and carpeted floors also."-Amazon review


Bissell 1132A Symphony 2 in 1 vacuum and steam mop

Bissell 1132A symphony steam mop

Bissell is one of the biggest names on my list as well as the most popular names of vacuum cleaners world. This is the number 1 manufacturer company of floor care products. And the Bissell 1132A symphony is one of the best products of them. The special feature of this vacuum is its all-in-one unit together with a steam mop.
Not many vacuum cleaners can provide what the 1132A Symphony does. Because this unit allows the consumers to sweep as well as steam their floors in a single motion. And it is the best vacuum for tile floors.

Though this is not the highest rated device on my list, it is very beneficial in the long run, especifically considering its lower cost compared to many others.
Actually, the steam mop gets rid of utilizing an extra bucket while cleaning. And this mop has easy touch digital controls which allow you to change from vacuuming to steaming within a few seconds. It's a really handy feature of Bissell 1132A Symphony vacuum that absolutely makes cleansing more effective while dealing with tile floors.
The steaming feature of this vacuum allows you to clean not only tile floor but also hard floor ( Like ceramic, linoleum, marble, granite and hardwood) to make them extra shiny and clean that other vacuums normally cannot offer. It also has a dry tank that helps you to keep the tank dry while you steam.

Without steaming, this vacuum has a quick-release mop pad tray that has around 4 washable pads for cleaning. And you can also replace this pad if needed. Its vacuuming to mopping versatility is really appreciated.
Another great feature of this vacuum is its 5-way adjustable handle which helps you easier steering. Most of the people ignore this handle but I think this handle will work well considering your vacuum adjustments from various kinds of flooring. Because, steering this unit is not much a problem either as the 1132A Symphony is very light, just weighing at about 13 pounds.
Last but not least, it's a strong cyclonic vacuum that helps you easily grab dirt and debris.

Key features of this product at a glance;

  • It has 2-in-1 functions (steaming and vacuuming) in one product.
  • It has the dry tank to keep the tank dry when steaming.
  • It features quick-release mop pad tray to change mops easily and quickly.
  • 5–way adjustable hand for easy steering.
  • It is a strong cyclone vacuum cleaner.
  • It has 2 separate containers for holding the water and another for the dry dust and debris.
  • This device generates its own steam (You don't need to add hot water).
  • Cord length is 20 ft.
  • 2 years limited warranty.
  • Cleaning path is 11 inches wide.

Pros and cons of this vacuum at a glance;



  • Offers suction and steam at the same time
  • Versatile and lightweight
  • 400 MI water tank
  • Very easy to wash pads
  • Adjustable handle
  • No need to add hot water is because it can produce its own steam
  • Easy release option for quickly changing microfiber pads
  • Customers complained this steam weakens as time passes
  • This is actually a bare floor cleaner, so you have to buy another vacuum machine to clean your carpet.

"Wow….Amazing! I was looking for a vacuum cleaner for my tile floors for a long time. I read one review before buying that explained their tile floors were "barefoot clean" after utilizing the mop and which is truly the best way to express how clean your floors are moping with this Bissell 1132A. I have 2 dogs and a cat and it makes cleaning after them easier and I also know my tile floors are nice and clean and germ- free as well. This is actually good vacuum for for tile floors, granite, and marble floors as well"- Amazon review


Shark Rocket DuoClean HV382 Ultra Light Corded Hard Floor Vacuum

Shark DuoClean HV382 corded vac

Today's Shark has been impressing me with their device, especially Shark Rocket DuoClean HV382 Ultra Light Corded Hard Floor vacuum. This is not only the best for taking care of the tile but also the rest of your home. This vacuum is also far cheaper; its price is at around $200.
Obviously, it's a stick style vacuum machine, as the name suggests it's very lightweight and it's going to be very comfortable to maneuver. For its light-weight design, it can be used for higher spots effortlessly.

 The Shark Rocket DeoClean HV382 Ultra Light Corded Hard Floor has Shark's DeoClean technology. And in this way, a strong bristle brush and a soft brush roll work together. This feature is actually very essential for tile floors  because it gets in the tiny places in between your tiles. But it is very soft, that's why it doesn't cause damage on the tile floors. In a word, this is the best vacuum for tile floors.

The head of this unit can swivel around. So by using this head you can clean the tile floor of your kitchen as well as around the table or chairs quite easily. This vacuum also has LED light on the front that helps you to see and clean all the dust and fine particles of your home.

It's possible to remove its head and utilize the extra pet tool which comes with this vacuum. We have two dogs that like to shed all over the home. And dog's hair is truly sticking to the tiles, but with this vacuum cleaner, it can be cleaned without any trouble. I always use the Shark Rocket DeoClean HV382 Ultra Light vacuum to keep my home nice and clean.

One more thing that Shark has made special filter that is very effective for picking up dust, kid's cereal, pet's hair, or any other mess, so no need to touch these types of messes. And you will never be breathing when you utilize it. Filters are also washable. That's why, I like this vacuum very much.
It's a corded vacuum cleaner and its cord length is 25 feet that gives you an acceptable reach to vacuum open spaces or large rooms without needing to change power sockets.
Its bristle brushroll as well as powerful suction are very effective for deep cleaning carpet as well. This is another good vacuum for tile floors

Key features of this product at a glance;

  • A Soft brushroll and a bristle brush are effective for cleaning tiles and carpet deeply.
  • Dynamic swivel steering technology that makes it very easy to clean around your furniture as well other obstacles easily without losing your energy.
  • Designed with LED lights that light up vacuuming pathways. And to increase the efficiency of the lights, they are installed on the nozzle and vacuum handle.
  • Washable filters
  • 30-feet corded
  • Weighs 9.9 lbs
  • Designed for tile floors
  • Bagless

Pros and Cons of this product at a glance,



  • Lightweight and reasonable
  • Best for tile floors
  • It has a lengthy (30 feet) power cord that is a good size for cleaning house
  • Filters are washable and easy to access
  • Attachments work well such as crevice tool, Pet multi-tool and others.
  • No need to buy an extra bag for its bagless feature.
  • LED light and floor nozzle are very effective for cleaning hidden dust of any corners or tight places.
  • Warranty 5 year
  • The handheld component of Shark DeoClean is large and bulky.
  • It has 3 filters but none of these is HEPA grade.

"It's an excellent vacuum cleaner. It vacuums tile floors better than anything else. I have already used this vacuum and actually, it does everything. Its decent headlight, strong suction, good maneuverability, easy dust collector removal, and good access to power head is really appreciated. But I notice It cannot stand up by its own unless you detach the handle or dirt cup and set up on the hook down by its powerhead. This vacuum is good for storage but you need to bend this vacuum bit carefully against something. I use its long cord for my large room. I really want to give 5 stars for that. " – Amazon review.

Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction Canister Vacuum

Miele C1 pure suction canister vac

Miele Compact C1 Canister Vacuum is not only ideal for tile floors but also performs well on carpet, rugs as well as hardwood floors. It has powerful suction and good filtration system that makes sure an excellent air flow. While it's a canister vacuum, the handle is ergonomically correct and comfortable. And its motor is designed to run on a low amount of energy but it's very effective.
A high capacity dust bag is one good feature of this vacuum. And this bag is totally sealed and very easy to dispose as well. You can carry it all around your home very easily because of its lightweight.

This Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction is perfect for daily use, and comes with a long warranty. It has a 22 ft power cord and 8 ft hose and, the telescopic, stainless steel wand, totaling a 30 ft reach radius. So you can move around 30 feet cleaning radius and also get into the nooks and crannies (Like under refrigerator or cabinet) of your home very easily.
Though the Miele Compact C1 offer strong suction, a few users fell that it attached too much into the floor, particularly for cleaning carpet and making it more difficult to remove of that floor.
Others said this unit has a "flimsy" build and component. There may be some validity to these types of claims. But I think it's a solid vacuum.
Miele's innovative AirClean Dust bag offers outstanding benefits that actually improve the performance of the Miele Pure Suction Canister Vacuum. First of all, the unique component of AirClean Dust bag has made appreciable progress in the quality of its filtration system.

This vacuum comes with some part and accessories, including a dusting brush, hose, upholstery tool, crevice tool, pure suction combination floor head, accessories clip, and so on. In a word, this is the best vacuum for tile floors and hard floors as well.

Features of this vacuum at a glance;

  • Powerful suction and precise 6 step adjustment facility
  • Unique AirClean filtration system that captures 999.9% dust and particles.
  • Small, compact and lightweight (14.8 pounds)
  • Easy storage
  • Long power Cord (Length 22 feet) and hose (8 feet)
  • High capacity dust bag
  • 7 year of warranty for the motor alone
  • Specially designed for tile floor
  • 16.9 X9.8 X9.1 inches
  • Versatility

Pros and Cons of this product;



  • It has several floor surface options (like tile, hard floor as well as carpet) for special cleaning style
  • This vacuum has around 30 feet cleaning radius
  • Easy to maneuver and to store
  • It has all TeQ Combination Floorhead that makes this machine versatile on different type floors
  • It has guaranteed usage for around 20 years in residential use
  • This vacuum bag is a bit difficult to empty at a time
  • Sometimes cleaning control mode knob is a bit difficult to understand.

" I live in a small apartment with tile and wood floors. I purchased this Miele bagged canister vacuum because I was really tired of poor performance bagless upright vacuum.
But when I saw this small machine, I was not expecting magic, but I was pleasantly surprised to get its offer. Especially the suction of this vacuum much more than I had experienced with an upright vacuum and its bag is also able to hold a lot of dirt and dust without any harmful effect on the suction.
I think the lower setting of this vacuum is useful for its less noise, but honestly, this machine is quieter than other upright I have already utilized.
I notice that there are no rotating floor brushes for this vacuum- no powered attachments, or anything of this type. And the product description suggests, this vacuum is actually for tile floors and low-pile carpet."- Amazon review

Bissell Crosswave pet Pro 2306A vacuum

Bissell crosswave pet pro

Here is another wonderful vacuum cleaner which stunned so many customers on how surprising it works in vacuuming tile floors, area rugs, and hardwood floors. The new Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro 2306A is an innovative vacuum cleaner and scrub cleaner as well. With this machine, it's possible to clean and sanitize bare floors without  any harsh chemicals, bucket, or mop. This machine utilizes 4 cleaning solutions (Multi-Surface, Area Rug, Wood Floor, and Multi-Surface Pet) and tap water to generate powerful scrub. It has digital controls that allow you to seamlessly switch between carpets and hard floors while cleaning. And that's why you can clean and scrub simultaneously. That means you don't need to spend hours in sweeping and moping your tile floors separately. In a word, you can say "One step Cleaning" utilizing just one machine. This is really the best vacuum for tile floors. With this unit, you can clean your tile floor in on pass and no need to use any broom or mop. This device is also versatile enough to apply on carpets and wood floors and the best vacuum for tile and hard floors as well.

It features two separate tanks-one tank holds clean water and formula, while the other one keeps dirty water. In this way, the two-tank technology ensures the clean and dirty water don't mix, as a result, it's increasing the vacuum's cleaning stability.
Consumers also like its tangle free multi surface brush roll is because this roll can avoid the tangle of pet hair. And It helps reduce the disappointment brought by that hair wraps.
The cleaning and maintenance system of this vacuum is very easy.

Features of this product at a glance;

  • It offers quick cleaning and moping because of its user-friendly structure or design.
  • It has an adjustable handle and easy to use digital controls.
  • By using this unit, it's possible to scrub surfaces very easily.
  • This vacuum saves a lot of time by cleaning and scrubbing at the same time.
  • Designed for utilized on tile, carpet, wood floors, area rugs, linoleum, laminate, pressed wood floors, rubber floor mats, and so on.
  • Strong suction for cleaning tile floors.
  • It has swivel head for enriched maneuverability.
  • It is lightweight (11.5 lbs)
  • Multi-surface pet brush rolls are available
  • Warranty 3 years.

Pros and cons of this product;



  • Great quality for tile floors
  • Scrub and clean at the same time
  • Powerful suction
  • Two tank system
  • Multi-surface cleaning system
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance as well
  • Small and lightweight
  • Very easy to store
  • Inexpensive
  • Washable filter
  • Cord length of 25 feet
  • Take up plenty of cleaning formula
  • Power consumption is high

" I have two machines already. I purchased first on around nine months ago and also loved that so much…., when I was going to my aunt's house to visit, I chose one as well pick this up on the go. It was great, amazing thing. It makes my home easier sweeping and moping. Suddenly I saw the Bissell Pet pro one and bought it instantly. Then I gave my aunt the first one and kept the pet pro one for me. I have laminate and tile floors in my home and this is also big. But I didn't face any problem to clean my house. It works easily and cleans the floor very good. Of course, I have to utilize a wipe in some areas like a bathroom where this pet pro doesn't fit. But I really suggest this vacuum for tile floors and laminate or any type of hard floors." - Amazon review

How to select the best vacuum for tiles?

Select best vacuum for tiles

Manufacturing companies don't make any vacuum only for tile or hard floors. So this is your knowledge of what to find that determines your selection or choice is right or not. Most of the time many consumers make a mistake of purchasing any device that vacuums hard surfaces when searching for tile flooring. After that, finally dissatisfied when that cleaner does not work as expected. Sometimes, these types of machines may damage your tile floors or even reduce its longevity. When looking for the best vacuum for tile floors, I will suggest that you consider the following;

Brush Roll On/Off button

Normally motorized brush is not necessary for cleaning your tile floors. But tile is probably not the only surface area in your house. You will most probably have area rugs and carpets in particular spaces because of the cold nature of the floor. And for cleaning these carpets and rugs you need rotating brush. So I would suggest you to choose a unit that offers the brush roll on/off function. And this way, you can switch it off when vacuuming your tiles and on when using on carpets.

Tile types

Tile floors can be found in different forms, finishing, from material, to quality. Some kinds of tiles need extra care while others are sturdy and can face up to rough situations while cleaning them. For example, Glazed tile repels dust and dirt better than the quarry type. It(Glazed tile) offers you very easy vacuuming experience as simple cleaning takes away all the dust from the surface. So you don't need a unit with strong suction for cleaning glazed tiles and no need to purchase multifunction device as well. On the other hand, Unglazed tiles need a powerful machine is because they need strong suction for dust and debris to leave its surface area.


Without tile, you need to clean upholstery, ceilings, shelves, and other areas in your home. Most of the vacuums come with features to increase versatility like the capacity to detach and turn into a handheld mode. Many cleaning devices also have accessories to enhance the reach and for the vacuuming of tough areas like edges, corners, under furniture, nook and crannies, and many more. You can also get attachments which make cleaning of stairs or taking up of pet hair easily.


Actually, every tile floor is not hard and resistant to scuffing or scratching. Especially, Glazed tile is prone to this type of damage because of its coating which makes it good at repulsing dust and dirt. So, to clean it you should use soft rubberized wheels. And today a majority of vacuuming device on the market has these types of wheels. If you want outstanding traction for your tile cleaning chore, then wheels, rubber wheels will be an important issue.


While tile floor is very simple and easy to clean up than other floors, it can accommodate plenty of dirt dust as well as other types of allergens. These don't normally go away with usual sweeping. It is just cleaning which can pick them up effectively, and that's why experts suggest utilizing a vacuum machine to maintain the tile floor. But you will face another problem. Some units don't have an effective filtration system to make sure you to clean allergic things that remain trapped in the machine. Usually, vacuums with HEPA filters provide the best filtration performance. They keep almost 100% allergens, that means the dirt and dust you pick with your machine when vacuuming will not get back into the air in your house. And it is also recommended that vacuum machine you buy that HEPA filter is completely sealed. Otherwise, the HEPA filtration level may not be helpful as allergic things would go out and pollute the air in your house.

Floor area

If you have both carpet and tile floors, then you will face problem for choosing the best vacuum for tiles. While you look for a unit that fits tile floors, the other surface area needs vacuuming too, and maybe its requirement will be different. To consider this type of problem, you have to find out which flooring makes the biggest portion. If the largest part of your home is tile, then choose the machine from the list of best vacuum for tile floors. On the other hand, to clean bigger part of your carpet, you need a unit that performs well on this type of surface like canister vacuum with a motorized brush or a powerful upright.


Some vacuum cleaners offer a chance to stem and vacuum at the same time. Actually, this feature is required when cleaning tiles, as this kind of floor is proof against high temperature as well as can be quite easily sanitized.

Bin capacity

It depends upon the amount of dust and dirt you want to be vacuuming each cleaning session. Bagged vacuums always feature the biggest capacities to keep dust and dirt. But they need an extra bag for changing filled bags. And that's why, bagless vacuums are now popular for free maintenance. Furthermore, some manufacturing companies make these units (bagless vacuums) that have a considerable capacity of dirt cups. So when choosing your vacuum cleaner you need to consider the type of dirt you want to be vacuuming and cleaning frequency as well. Normally pet hair and kid's food spills in the kitchen can fill your vacuum's bin quickly and easily.


Actually, no need any extravagant capabilities or features for choosing the best vacuum for tile floors is because it's an ordinary cleaning device. However, you require some features that fit for your tile floor. Using any type of machine is not only risks damaging the surface area but also indicate insufficient pick up dust and dirt. So, when you want to purchase you tile vacuum, make sure you consider all the factors. Your vacuum cleaner is an essential unit to maintain your house nice and clean and making the appropriate purchase is important. The tile floor is also a valuable investment that you need to last for long. This floor is also a specific type of flooring that requires extra care particularly when it comes to vacuuming. I have discussed above a number of vacuuming tools such as vacuum machine, steam mop that are perfect for this cleaning chore.

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