Bissell 1547 Hard Floor Corded Canister vacuum Review

An outstanding all rounder vacuum, Bissell 1547 Hard Floor Corded Canister have outdone themselves with this powerful machine. It is small and maneuverable. So you can clean hard to reach areas like beneath the furniture or corners. And its multi cyclonic suction is able to clean everything from dust and debris to dander and pet hair.

Bissell 1547 Hardfloor Corded canister Vacuum

​Product Dimensions - 12.9 X 19.2 X15 inches
Item Weight - 8.3 pounds
Shipping Weight - 18.2 pounds
Manufacturer - Bissell Homecare International
Item Model NO - 1547


Bissell 1547 Hard Floor Corded Canister vacuum cleaner is small and lightweight design that weighs just 8.3 lbs. its metal telescoping wand offers you super maneuverability that need to clean under furniture or difficult to reach areas such as around curtains or narrow spaces or drapes. This vacuum is incredibly versatile. It offers you to clean all kinds of dust and debris and hair from a various surfaces efficiently and quickly. Without losing any power it works like an upright model. I this regard, this Bissell Hard Floor Corded Canister vacuum cleaner is really multi functional.


  • Bagless Vacuum: This vacuum is bagless, so it stores dust and dirt in its onboard dust bin that is removable. So you can empty it very easily. And you don't need to buy any bag for this vacuum.
  • Two different nozzles: This Bissell 1547 Hard Floor Corded Canister vacuum features two different nozzles which make cleaning very easy, the turbine foot attachment is for using on hard floors while the other is the multi service professional that can be used on both carpet and on hard floors.
  • Metal telescoping wand:It includes metal telescoping wand that has an alterable length for easy adjustment. And you can clean any tight places or under furniture with this. It permits you to pick up dust and debris which is near to the wall.
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    Easy to empty dirt tank: This vacuum has easy to empty dirt tank that protects you from the hassle of disposing the dust. The tank of the Bissell 1547 opens from its bottom and let you to get rid of the dust very easily without messing up the space. So don't worry about its large bag full of dirt that makes the machine much heavier.
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    Multi- Cyclonic Technology: It is easy to judge the efficiency of a dustbuster from its suction power. In this respect this vacuum is really wonderful due to its highly effective multi- cyclonic technology. Many users have remarked very warmly regarding this capacity of this unit to generate a powerful suction that increases thorough cleaning. This technology generates powerful suction force that works well on dirt and debris. You require a canister of this nature to vacuum your office, living room, hospital, and the other places the need thoroughness.
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    Small compact and lightweight design: The Bissell manufacturers settled on a small, compact and lightweight design for this unit. The concept was to increase comfort. This dustbuster is portable and also permits you to move from one point to another with amazing ease. Its small and simple design helps you to vacuum areas that may be hard to reach with other device.
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    Hard Floor Turbine Foot: Cleaning of dirt and debris from carpet and hardwood floors require a highly functional turbine foot for efficient retrieval effect. This Bissell Hard Floor Corded Canister vacuum 1547 works with an amazing efficiency which makes it perfect for both household and business utility.

Pros and cons of this product at a glance;




  • Noiseless and very easy to use.
  • This vacuum is incredibly gentle on hardwood floors. It does not scuff your floors or areas.
  • This unit is simple to maintain and it includes self-cleaning brush roll.
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    It has ergonomic features for convenience and it will save you from stress.
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    It's low energy consuming device.
  • It's not perfect for soft carpet..
  • Telescoping wand is heavy for some consumers.


This Bissell 1547 Hard Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner is small, lightweight and very easy to use and store it. Consumers specifically like this product for its super suction power. It sucks up cat hair, human hair on tile, hardwood, and concrete floors. And many users of this vacuum approve it specially its ability to easy empty its dirt tank. It is versatile and more maneuverable than an ordinary bagged vacuum. This unit also has a lot of attachments that let you to use in different ways. You can use the turbine foot to suck up all the dust immediately without harming your hardwood floors.


The best vacuum cleaner should properly clean without damaging your floor. The Bissell 1547 Hard Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner has exceptional advantages that increase its overall performance. This unit is small, strong, and very lightweight. The ability to clean rough dirt without leaving any kind of stretch marks on the hardwood floor offers it a great advantage over normal vacuuming machine.
Considering its specific strengths like the multi surface foot and multi-cyclonic technology, this vacuum is highly recommended for both normal and specific vacuuming tasks. The producers designed it for basic usage and within the household or industrial environment. Apart from that, it's fairly priced and also covered by enough warranties. Its small design and the lightweight advantages are very important features for better cleaning. We also recommend it for your hardwood floors.

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