Bissell 9595A CleanView Vacuum with OnePass Review

Bissell 9595A CleanView Vacuum With OnePass is excellent as well as reasonable vacuum which is produced for customers who never pay out very much on a vacuum cleaner however desires the advantages of a great vacuum to perform dwelling tasks better and quicker. This cleaner is lightweight and it has high quality cleansing accessories which is ideal for each room in your home and office. Bissell realizes that your time is valuable that's why you would not want to lose so much time in cleaning. So they have made an easy as well as highly effective vacuum which is simple to operate and manage.

Bissell 9595A CleanView Vacuum with OnePass

Product dimentions – 12.5 x13.5 x 44 inches
Item weight – 15 pounds
Shipping weight- 19.35 pounds
Item model number- 9595A


​The Bissell 9595A CleanView Vacuum With OnePass is a versatile and an excellent vacuum. It has got an effective design, so that you can easily move and store it. Its dirt tank and handle detach and just click on backside whenever you need to vacuum. This is a corded vacuum. So you have to connect it to any power point due to vacuum. Its 25 ft power cable is not retractable, so instead of pressing a switch you just require to roll this up as well as set it on the hook on the front side of the product. Furthermore, utilizing an expansion cable you would be able to clean around 25 ft cleaning area.
Finally, the overall design of this product is really for easy and quick handling. As it's an upright vacuum cleaner there is just a handle at the very top that effectively and easily controls this vacuum while cleaning.


  • Onepass technology : This vacuum is full of features or attributes, the most significant of that is onepass technology. And it is known as onepass because it utilizes an impressive brush combined with better suction power and it's stored more dust and dirt on its primary pass. So that you will never require going over the same place more frequently that will make your easy cleansing job faster as well as easier. 
  • Bagless : Another excellent attribute of this product is bagless that means it never utilize bags. So everything is gathered in a dust tank.

  • TurboBrush tool: TuurboBrush is one kind of rotating brush roll that works well to shake up dust, debris as well as pet hair in your carpeted floor while strong suction raises it from your upholstery and carpet.
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    Crevic tool: This is another feature of this vacuum cleaner that takes away dust and dirt from the crannies as well as nooks of your home and office. It's specially, ideal for use on furniture, conches, and cars.
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    Extension wand: Extension wand is an excellent feature of this vacuum cleaner. It gets dust and dirt from low and high.
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    HEPA filter: It has also HEPA filter making sure you air flow inside your home and office.

Apart from these positive features there are also some negative features. These are following:-

  • Short cord length: Its cord length is comparatively shorter than the other vacuums that are listed here. The length of cord is 25 ft. So your cleaning radios would be limited to about 25 ft.
  • Shorter warranty period: Its warranty period is very short, only 2 years limited. Actually, it's one kind of limitations of this vacuum. And you have to consider it for any affordable cleaner.
  • Power switch placement: Its power switch placement system is little bit odd.

Pros and cons of Bissell 9595A CleanView Vacuum With OnePass at a glance;



  • It is not expensive.
  • Its design is lightweight.
  • HEPA filtration system.
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    Cyclonic system is available.
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    High adjustment system.
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    Better suction for cleaning carpet.
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    It is corded (Length 25 ft).
  • Warranty period is very short.
  • Cord length is also shorter.
  • Power switch adjustment is little bit odd.


This vacuum is easy to use, because there is no complicated switch. The complete device is in a single piece, so absolutely nothing needs to be done due to store it. The head of this vacuum cleaner is heavier than several of the competition, although it does go close to horizontal- this will not good under furniture or any lower objects. But there is an extra tube extension that is small and easy to maneuver.

This vacuum is amazingly lightweight. So it can be very easily maneuvered all around the corners and also easily carried up stairs with ease.


Bissell 9595A CleanView Vacuum With OnePass is really lightweight, powerful, and convenient to use. And it is also efficient. Its 25 feet long cord makes it very easy to move and clean from room to room. If you use this vacuum cleaner everyday to clean your carpet and rugs, you will be very happy.

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