Bissell PowerEdge Hardwood Floor 81L2A Vac Review

Bissell PowerEdge Hardwood floor 81L2A Stick vacuum is a very popular stick vacuum cleaner, coming with a reasonable price. Actually, this is no designed for homes with a lot of carpeting, this bagless vacuum works well on hardwood floors and tile floors, laminate floor, and more. It is a small and lightweight vacuum cleaner that is effective in capturing fine and large particles, while it doesn't utilize a brushroll that could scuff your hardwood floors. In a word, this is the best corded stick vacuum for hard floors.

The unique V shape of the head is especially designed to direct dust and debris, particularly those larger clumps of hair, into the center of suction area. Today, we review the best small vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors which assures to get rid of dirt and hair.

Bissell PowerEdge Hardwood floor 81L21 Stick Vacuum

Product Dimension – 10.6 X11.3 X 43.3
Item Weight - 7.5 pounds
Shipping Weight - 9.1 pounds
Manufacturer - Bissell
ASIN - B00450U7V8
Item Model No - 81L21

Design Of bissell poweredge hard floor vacuum

This Bissell PowerEdge Hardwood floor 81L2A Stick vacuum Cleaner is actually designed for hardwood floors. It does not use rolling brush that might do more harm than good while vacuuming your bare floors. This vacuum offers V shaped cleaning path. The 11.35 inch- wide suction head delivers very much ease in picking up particles.

This unit also includes swivel head to tackle the place around furniture legs Its power cord is 20 feet long that is normally sufficient. It weighs just 3.4 kg that is an excellent option for those who are especially seeking something small and lightweight and reasonable price.


  • V shaped base: First of all, it's the v shaped vacuum base and this is the secret to its performance. This v shaped base is designed to perfectly use power by sucking dust and debris to the center of the" V" where the suction power is the best. It makes this vacuum strong enough to grab lager dust and particles that other cleaners can't.
    Moreover, we found that this V shape is helpful while vacuuming the surface close to furniture. And with the Bissell PowerEdge Hardwood floor 81L2A Stick vacuum Cleaner, you can vacuum under furniture very easily. Because it's possible to maneuver around furniture without hitting the base.
  • Specially designed for hardwood floor: Although you can use it some other type of floors, this vacuum is designed specially to be a hardwood floor unit. Its wheels are made in such a way that you can glide seamlessly without scuffing your hard floor. It smoothly sucks up hair, dust and debris from the floor without leaving any damage.
  • Very powerful:With its V-shape design Bissell PowerEdge Hardwood floor 81L2A Stick vacuum Cleaner is among the most powerful on the market. It can grab any kind of debris such as dog hair, cat hair, cat litter, and also all dust from hard floor. So it is one of the strongest vacuums for hardwood floors. 
  • Small and lightweight:This vacuum is very small and lightweight, and it's look like a stick. It makes sure that anybody can easily move it around from place to place. The weight of this vacuum cleaner is only 7.5 pounds; therefore, there is absolutely no reason to keep it resting. You can utilize it for a very long time without getting tired as it is small and lightweight.
  • 20 feet cord:This is really something that everyone is always excited about. The Bissell PowerEdge Hardwood floor 81L2A Stick vacuum Cleaner has one of the longest cords that you will find on a stick vacuum. With its 20 feet cord, you can move around your home without any problem and your cleaning will be very easy.
  • Versatility: This vacuum is extremely versatile. You will be able to clean almost everything by using this vacuum. You don't need to use other accessories such as pads and brushes. This unit is designed to get the job done without utilizing any other thing. You can clean tight places and around edges with this cleaner quite easily.

Pros and cons of this product at a glance;



  • Best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors.
  • Captures both fine particle and larger debris.
  • Cyclonic technology and bagless.
  • Includes swivel head for easy cleaning around furniture, edges, and any tight places.
  • No need any attachments.
  • Very easily assembled.
  • It is flexible and movable.
  • Hair catching materials.
  • Lightweight and small.
  • Cord length 20 feet.
  • Works just on bare floor, not on any carpeted floor.
  • Automatic cord rewind is not available.
  • Small wheels can clog with dust and debris.


It's very easy to use, carry, and store at any time as it is very small and also lightweight. The "V-shaped nozzle" of the machine, making it much easier to pick up larger pieces of dust and particles that regular vacuum may leave behind.


If you are searching any small and lightweight vacuum cleaner that can take care of the regular cleaning of your low-pile rugs and hardwood floors, Bissell PowerEdge Hardwood floor 81L2A Stick vacuum Cleaner will be the best choice. With its wonderful design, cleaning your home will be hassle-free task. You can get to clean those hard to reach areas and edges that you always worry about using this vacuum. This vacuum is considered as one of the cheapest vacuum on the market in cleaning hardwood floors and pet hair.

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This article was very well written in detail and helped me out very much in deciding which type of vacuum to buy. I really appreciate it and thank you


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