Bissell PowerGlide Upright Corded Vacuum Review

If you are searching a vacuum which is simple to operate on stairs and also offers plenty of suction power to grab everything such as dust, allergens, dirt, and pet hair, the Bissell PowerGlide Upright Corded Vacuum with lift-off technology is a great one for you. It is movable lift-off canister vacuum cleaner that you can carry with you wherever you would like to clean; it is especially perfect for carpeted stairs. Good thing is, The Bissell PowerGlide Upright Corded Vacuum Cleaner is an all rounder vacuum. So it can take care of all kinds of cleaning needs, whether you would like to clean your bare or carpeted floors, upholstery, your steps, or other difficult- to- reach areas. It is also possible to clean your car mats.

Bissell PowerGlide Upright Corded Vacuum

Product dimensions - 12 X12.5 X43 inches.
Item weight - 18.15 pounds
Shipping weight - 22.2 pounds
Manufacture - Bissell
Item model number - 2763

 Design Of Bissell PowerGlide Upright Vacuum

Bissell PowerGlide Upright Corded vacuum is one of the top of the line upright vacuum cleaner in the Bissell PowerGlide range. If you utilize this upright corded lift-off vacuum, you can never get back to lugging a regular vacuum around anymore. You will be astonished at how portable and lightweight it is; it is designed to be a lift-off upright vacuum cleaner for entire room and especially an easy release portable for stairs or carpeted stairs. And this vacuum has swivel steering for easily operating around furniture and other obstacles. It features brush roll on/off button to clean on hardwood floors without any scattering.


  • Portable lift-off canister: The Bissell PowerGlide Upright Corded is an easy release lift-off vacuum that you can take anywhere and everywhere with you. This vacuum is the best on stairs, hard to reach areas, and upholstery. The pod of this vacuum is so handy that offers you the convenience you require while vacuuming stairs. It's very easy to use, just press a button to start this vacuum and bear it with its handle while utilizing the hose to vacuum cleaner with your other hand.
  • Turbo eraser pet tool: Pet doesn't stay at one place, so you have to find all the steps as early as possible. That's why this pet turbo eraser tool is essential for you. It cleans pet hair and also dirt, dust, and allergens. It has strong rotating paddle type bristles that successfully clean pet hair from your upholstery and carpeted stairs.
  • Brush roll on/off button: The Bissell PowerGlide Vacuum Cleaner has brush roll on/off switch that extremely valuable for cleaning hardwood floors. You will switch on the brush roll for cleaning your deep carpet floor and switch off for safely vacuuming your hardwood areas.
  • Long cord length: This vacuum has a long cord that is perfect for cleaning stairways. And for this without unplugging your machine, you can clean all the way up your carpeted stairs.

Pros and cons of this product at a glance;



  • Upright lift off and portable design.
  • Swivel steering for easy maneuvering around furniture.
  • Turbo eraser pet tool to clean up pet hair and other dirt and dust.
  • Upright and corded design.
  • Super cord length.
  • Strong suction power.
  • Five years limited warranty.
  • Brush roll on/off button to effectively clean hardwood floor and carpet floors.
  • Can easily clean difficult to reach areas with crevice tool.
  • Weighs 18.15 lbs.
  • Not ideal for cleaning shaggy carpet.
  • Little bit expensive.
  • Its Turbo eraser pet tool is not so good.


The Bissell PowerGlide Upright Corded vacuum cleaner is super easy to use on bare floors, carpets as well as staircases. You can very easily vacuum your carpeted stairs because of its lift off canister design. And this vacuum is really popular for its super cord length. Furthermore, it has brush roll on/off button that makes your task extremely easy while cleaning hardwood floors. You don't need to charge this vacuum as it is corded design.

Its multi level filtration system helps to reduce allergens or dust from your entire home. When you clean your low or deep pile carpet you have to press the brush roll on button. On positive note: you can often notice carpet beetle in our carpet which can make carpet beetle allergy on your hands, shoulders, or even legs. So avoid this type of problem, you should thoroughly clean your carpet on a daily basis.


The most interesting part of this vacuum cleaner is that it provides you a superb powerful vacuum for your entire rooms and also a portable cleaner for any small vacuuming tasks. Thus, this is a 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner for the cost of an upright vacuum. So if you have any small cleaning job this machine will be perfect to make this type of task very easy as well as stress free.

 The Bissell PowerGlide Upright Corded vacuum cleaner comes with Turbo eraser pet tool (for picking up the stubborn pet hair) and crevice tool (to find deep into the difficult to reach places). Overall This Bissell upright is a great vacuum cleaner to have when you don't want to expend a lot more but yet get an all rounder device that can be utilized for your entire home.

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