Carpet Cleaning Tips for Taking Care of Your Carpet

Carpet is necessary for your home if you live in Europe or North America is because it keeps houses cozy throughout winter season as well as absorbs the sound made by footsteps. And you need to know carpet cleaning tips for vacuuming your carpet. It acts like an indoor filter that grabs in dander, dirt, soil, dust, and various kinds of debris from the outdoors.

Sorry to say, it can also be a source of allergens and bacteria that could cause the respiratory illness like asthma if you don't keep the carpet clean up.

That is the main reason why I am sharing these ideas as in future, you will not go through similar anything. You could avoid extra fees charged by any professional, by applying some easy and simple carpet cleaning tips and  techniques as well as tools that can be found all around your home to remove marks or spots by yourself.

Following are those simple carpet cleaning tips;

Carpet cleaning tips are very necessary to keep our carpet nice and clean. That tips are following;

Vacuum regularly

It is a must do job for almost every house with carpeted floors. You need to do it at least once a week, specifically if you use plush carpet. If you would like to clean our living area totally free from dirt, dust, pet hair or other possible pollutants, you must do that regularly.

Carpet cleaning specialist suggest cleaning your carpet once a week for the whole house and more on high traffic places such as dining and living room. Actually, regular vacuuming not only keeps the carpet looking shiny and clean but also removes hidden dirt, dust, and soil which will penetrate and also damage the carpet the carpet fibers.

Use white Vinegar for Removing Carpet Stain

Vinegar stain remover

There are a lot of ways to clean your carpet especially remove any stain. But white vinegar is one of the best.  In general, vinegar is the superhero for removing any stain specifically, carpet stain such as Lilly pollen,nail polish, crushed make up powder and foundation, and so on. And this procedure is very simple. First, mix 1/2 cup white vinegar with 2 tablespoons salt. Then pour this solution on your carpet stain and rub it gently. Now, wipe this and finally vacuum with the best vacuum for carpet and floors. Few professional carpet cleaning companies use their basic purpose spot removers and these are normally risk free as well as effective. With this in mind, whatever you do, don't utilize superstore purchased stain removers, because these are responsible for destroying a lot of carpets as well as sofas.

Carpet protector

This is one of the best carpet cleaning tips. Excellent carpet protection will help you to defend your carpeted floor from spills and stains as well as ensures usual spots are easier to clean up. This also helps to prevent dry dirt or soil from connecting to the fibers as well as creating long-lasting damage. I would suggest carpet protector, if you use carpet in a specific area which is open for high traffic like stairs and hallways.

Try Shaving Cream

Shaving cream process

It is another important carpet cleaning tips. Some professional carpet cleaning specialists say "Ideal carpet cleaner for normal stains is regular shaving cream – it removes every type of stain. And for this, use the shaving cream precisely to the stain and just let it set for around thirty minutes. When this cream has set, wipe it out with a dry white colored cloth. And finally, you will finish it, by spraying that area with one part water mixed with one part vinegar and then wiping off the solution with any dry cloth.

Candy crushed

Candy Crushed

If you have babies in your home, this is just a matter of time before candy or any sweet goes into the carpet. Candy messes on the floor could be pretty obstinate incidents to clean up, specifically if it is strongly inserted into the carpet fibers. Candy consists of various types of dyes depending on what kind of sweet it is. But you have to consider what kind of carpet you have as you will find various techniques for removing gummy candies from the carpet. If you remove this trapped candy forcefully from your carpet, it will not be a good idea because this can rip the carpet fibers up.

​First, you have to take some kinds of scraping tool like butter knife and scrape up as much of the caked-on candy from the carpet.

Second, soak a sponge into warm water and softly brush outward from the core of the spot or stain to clean up any more candy dirt. And then take around 1/2 a teaspoon liquid dish cleaning soap and put it into the carpet fibers with your hand. Take wet a towel or cloth and blot the stain to move the excess candy. Now take a white cloth and dip into distilled white vinegar then start to wet the remaining spot. Let this vinegar sit for a few mins for better removing the candy stain. Also Known as distilled white vinegar helps to dissolve any of the leftover candy or sweet residues.

The Club Soda Process

You have heard that club soda is efficient against wine and beer stains. This is true- if you utilize it properly. In this process, first blot the spot area with club soda on a towel or cloth. If it does not work, then mix one part water with one part white vinegar and keep it into a handy sprayer. Now spray this solution on the whole stained area and let it set for around 15 mins to soak in. And then push a clean sponge onto that area to soak up the stain and solution. This is on of the best carpet cleaning tips.

Remove candle wax with blunt knife and heat

Heat Wax With Iron

Burning candles in your home could result in wax dripping on the carpet, where wax instantly dries as well as gets inserted. Now just take a butter knife and put it under that wax and remove it as much wax as possible. After that, put a white cloth over the iron and keep this iron on top of the remaining wax to warm it up. Then run your iron over the spot or stain. Finally, the wax would come away and move to that cloth. As a side note; do not utilize your iron in this way more than thirty seconds otherwise your carpet can burn up.

​Remove Foundation/ make-up from your Carpet

Foundation removing

​Foundation/ make-up is a very lovely product for any girl or lady but not on carpet. If this happens to you, then you come to the right place to solve that problem. By following these 3 steps guide described below, you will be able to remove the foundation or make-up from your brand new carpet. Always remember this, the sooner you tackle this foundation or make-up stain, the more likely it's to completely get out of the carpet.

First step: use a spoon or butter knife to scrape the excess foundation. Then wipe up the make-up with an absorbent paper or a cloth.

Second step: mix a few drops of dishwashing liquid with cold water. Then dampen a cloth with this mixture and gently blot until the stain disappears. One positive note: blot, don't rub and blot from the edge of the stain towards the center.

​Third step : Now dampen a microfiber cloth with plain water and use it remove any soapy water. Finally, in order to remove the moisture, you use a dry cloth to blot that wet area. To help that wet area dry faster, you can also use a fan. (If you are not satisfied, you can use a carpet stain remover. But before using this, of course, you should the instructions for use)

​Remove Coke Stain from Carpet

Remove coke stain

​Ice-cold coke is a very interesting beverage to us but sometimes it can spill on the carpet. It's actually dark brown, a little bit of sticky and full of sugar as well. That means this is an ideal combination for a sticky stain. If it spills on your carpet, please don't worry, with some absorbent paper or cloth and a few drops of dishwashing liquid, you will be able to get this coke stain out of your carpet easily. Let's see this procedure step by step;

​Step 1: By using this absorbent paper or cloth, soap up this coke from the carpet. Fold this absorbent paper and stand on it. To apply pressure, you can also the heel of your palm. Repeat this procedure until no more coke is being soaked up. After finishing this step, almost all stain will be gone.

​Step2: Now mix one tablespoon of liquid dishwashing soap with 2 cups of cold water. And by using a clean cloth, sponge this coke stain with the dishwashing solution. Repeat it until the stain has disappeared.

​Step3: In this step, dampen a cloth with plain water and rinse that solution properly. After that, you can use a dry towel to dry this area or can vacuum with a wet and dry vacuum.

​Remove Coffee Stain from Carpet

Remove coffee stain

​You might love coffee to drink but not on the carpet. But if it gets on your carpet, don’t worry. By a using a bit of dishwashing liquid and vinegar, warm water, cold water and a clean white cloth you can remove this completely. Following are that procedure step by step;

  • ​First, using this clean white cloth blot as much of the coffee as you can (of course, blot not rub). Work fast-preferably while the coffee stain is wet.
  • ​Take a bowl and mix 1 tablespoon of white vinegar with 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid. Then pour 2 cups of warm water in this bowl. Do a patch test any hidden area on your carpet to make sure that the solution won't discolor or damage your carpet.
  • ​Now dampen a white cloth into this solution and wipe the stain instantly.
  • In this step, blot the stain with dry cloth. And keep wiping this stain with the solution as well as blotting with the cloth until the coffee stain has disappeared. If the stain still persists, then you can sponge with a dry-cleaning solvent. But before using dry cleaning solvent, of course, you will follow the direction on the product.
  • repeat
    ​Dampen another clean cloth into the cold water and sponge that stain area
  • repeat
    ​Now with a dry cloth, blot the area to dry. You can also use vacuum or fan to dry faster.

Deep-Clean Regularly

Last but not least, cleaning the carpet is important to keeping this looking new and fresh. Steam cleansing includes utilizing a cleaning solution under pressure inserted deep into your carpet through water-jet-nozzles. After that the device removes the solution together with dust, debris, and dirt in the carpet. In this process, water will go through into the fiber and loosen any kind of inserted soil, take away grease and oil residues and get the carpet neat and clean. Carpet cleaning experts recommend deep cleaning every 12 to 18 months for family of five.

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This is exactly what I needed right now. Thanks for the share

Tori Raddison - January 14, 2020

It’s helpful that you said to use a butter knife to scrape off the candy that your kid somehow caked into the carpet. I have two kids of my own, so I’m trying to figure out how to clean my carpets. There has been a lot of spills in this house since I last cleaned them.

Frank Ball - January 14, 2020

It’s fantastic to learn that you should be vacuuming your carpeted floors once a week. My wife and I are preparing for my parents to come to visit and we want to make sure our house is clean for them. I’ll be sure to start vacuuming our carpets once a week before they come over.


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