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Do you want to buy a vacuum cleaner? Read about features, types as well as other must know matters in our vacuum buying guide and tips to make a decision.

How to Clean Leather Sofa Naturally at Home

Leather furniture, especially leather sofa needs special care to maintain it properly. There are a few of homemade and commercial cleaning products that are very effective to clean your sofa and looking it pristine. With the proper care and attention, it’s possible to keep it clean and in good condition for long time also. Although […]

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How to Clean Cat Urine in Carpet | Ultimate Guide

If you love cat and you are a pet owner, then you have likely experienced an accident or two, or a few times on the carpet or somewhere else in your home. Actually, cat urine contains ammonia, uric acid, various detoxified substances, so on and this is not different from other animal’s urine that lead […]

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My Mattress smells Like Mildew | How to Get Rid of

If you notice your mattress smells musty or moldy, there is a good chance to have moisture or mold in there. Moreover, once you’re sure that the smell is definitely coming from your mattress, it undoubtedly gets damp anyway. Aside from moisture or humidity, it could involve your lovely children or pets as well. They […]

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How To Clean Fabric Sofa | Step by Step Guide

Just like you, almost we all love keeping fabric sofa in our lovely living room. It’s really look great as well as cozy. But spills, crumbs, dirt, pet hair, airborne dust and dirt, cooking odour, body oils and such are bound to happen at times and make your sofa look gloomy. But don’t worry! In […]

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How to Clean a Wood Ceiling | With Easy Solutions

Wood ceiling is the most charming and cool addition to the modern house. It actually bears a natural beauty to your lovely home. Furthermore, a quality wood ceiling last long, if you can take proper maintenance of it. When you want to clean any wood surface, you need to proceed following some directions like dusting, […]

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How to Clean Bedroom Furniture Making It Look Shiny

Bedroom is a heaven of personal relaxing, so it needs to be nice and cleaned, especially you should take care of your bedroom furniture, floor, walls, ceiling, and such. Now when it comes to cleaning bedroom appliances, first you will think the furniture that you use most often including bed, table, dressing table, bookshelves, family […]

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Cleaning Floor with Vinegar | Ultimate Guide

Vinegar is, undoubtedly an all-rounder cleaning agent to clean almost all types of floor, especially tile, hardwood, vinyl, laminate floor, and such. It is natural, non-toxic, cheap, and it can be found most large supermarket or any usual grocery shop. This eco-friendly cleaning product can play an important role to clean anything in your home, […]

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