How to Clean Coffee Stain from Carpet | 3 Essential Tips

Almost we all love a good cup of coffee in the early morning! And it’s really a favourite beverage for all of us. Though everybody is normally conscious when taking hot coffee, spills are really inevitable on the lovely carpet. In this situation, what do you do to clean that nasty coffee stain from your valuable carpet? The basic rule of thumb for all types of carpet stains – the sooner you handle the stain, the more likely it’s to totally get out from the carpet.

To help you out, we’ve laid out some important methods on how to clean coffee stain from carpet superbly.

3 Essential ways to remove coffee stain from carpet

When you notice coffee stain on your carpet, it’s better to tackle it instantly. But the truth of the matter is that most of the time we discover it once it is dried. In the following, we’re going to discuss the possible techniques to remove this stain when it is wet and dried both conditions one by one.

Remove coffee stain when it’s still wet

Use mild detergent, water, and vinegar

When the coffee stain on carpet is wet, it’s relatively easy to remove your carpet. A number of basic cleaning products that are usually available in every home such as detergent and vinegar can be utilized to do that. In this method, first, start blotting the excess coffee as much as you can. With the help of a paper towel or clean cloth, it would be super easy to wipe off the coffee mostly. Keep in mind, put on plastic gloves when tackling this stain.

Make a solution of one tablespoon of mild detergent and one cup of fresh water. Take a piece of cloth or microfiber towel dip into this solution you make. Now blot directly on the carpet coffee stain repeatedly. Keep on blotting until the stain is disappeared.

But if you notice this unpleasant stain still remains, then use vinegar and water solution. To do this, mix one part water with one-part of vinegar. Afterward, soak up clean clothing into that vinegar solution and apply it onto the stained area of the carpet. And continue dabbing at that stain until the nasty spot is completely lift out.

Use dishwashing liquid and water.

This is another important method to clean coffee stain from carpet. In this procedure, first off, blot the excess coffee with tissue or microfiber towel. Then make a cleaning solution with one table spoon of dishwashing liquid with two cups of fresh cold water. After that, soak up a clean cloth into that solution and apply to the nasty stained area and let it absorb nicely. Afterward, blot with a sponge dipped in cold water and let it dry using a fan.

Remove coffee stain when it is dried

If you notice the stain when it’s dried and the area is also larger, then you should try to remove it with the help of commercial carpet stain cleaning product, especially for coffee stain like Blue Magic Coffe 22 Ounce Aerosol. Apply that cleaning product following the terms of use mentioned on the bottle.

How to remove coffee smell from the carpet.

After you’re done with cleaning your carpet, make sure there is no dirt and dust and is completely dry. Now grab a good cup of baking soda (depending on the affected area, the quantity of soda could be different. Sprinkle it liberally over the affected area. Then let it sit for a number of hours so that it can work wonders to absorb the bad smell. After that, vacuum that place again with the best vacuum for carpet to absorb the baking soda as well as other dirt and debris which was remaining there.


It’s very normal to spill coffee on the carpet. We’ve tried to explain the most effective ways on how to clean coffee stain from carpet. So if you face this type of problem, don’t distress. Just follow the above-stated methods and clean your carpet nicely.

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