How to Clean Leather Sofa Naturally at Home

Leather furniture, especially leather sofa needs special care to maintain it properly. There are a few of homemade and commercial cleaning products that are very effective to clean your sofa and looking it pristine. With the proper care and attention, it’s possible to keep it clean and in good condition for long time also.

Although spills, stains, dust, dirt are truly inevitable, they are fairly easy to deal with. But before you begin your cleaning job, you have to know leather sofa cleaning tips and techniques correctly. In this post, we have laid out a detailed guide on how to clean leather sofa, and be sure there is no dirt or smell left to linger.

How to clean leather sofa with household products

When it comes to cleaning your leather sofa, the rule of thumb here is “the gentle the better”. A couple of options work well, most of them are with household cleaners like baking soda, dish soap, vinegar, and such which are already available in your kitchen or pantry. Below we're going to teach you two important and easy methods to clean letaher couch with household items.

How to clean leather sofa with baking soda and dish soap

Before you start, you need a few things:

  • Baking soda
  • Dish soap
  • Microfiber cloth or any special leather sofa cleaning wipes

First of all, begin with vacuuming your leather couch to remove dirt, grime, and food crumbs entirely.

Fortunately, leather sofa is not as porous as a fabric sofa. That’s why it’s relatively easy to clean with vacuuming. By using this tool, remove any dirt or debris from your lovely sofa. Although vacuum your whole couch, focus on the folds and creases of the sofa. And keep in mind, if it’s possible to remove cushions, clean the undersides at the same time.

If you don’t have the above mentioned tools (Vacuum brush attachment or handheld vacuum), then use microfiber cloth preferably microfiber feather or duster. With the help of this feather, dust all over the surface of the sofa and be sure that there is no dust more because it can scratch the leather.

Now if you face any stain on your sofa, automatically, you will think how to clean leather sofa stains. In this situation, never fret, because it’s very easy to get this stain out of the couch. Just you have to do is to use mild dish soap solution and baking soda on the couch completely.

First off, grab a small bowl and mix one tea spoon of dish soap with one cup of lukewarm water. Then dip a microfiber cloth into this solution and wring it out before using to avoid causing damage to the leather couch. Now rub on a small section of the sofa (around the stain in a circular motion) until it is buffed out properly. Mind you that, do not rub to and fro because it can cause more damage than what’s already been done.

And if you face grease stain, apply a bit of baking soda by using a dry cloth in order to absorb that stain properly. Then dry your sofa thoroughly with the help of a dry clothing or rag from top to bottom. To help that sofa dry faster, you can point a fan directly at the wet area for the time being.

How to clean leather sofa with vinegar

Although vinegar is a natural mild cleaning agent, it will normally be potent enough to deal with most of the stains including leather sofa stain. Using this vinegar, it’s possible to clean as well as make shiny your sofa delightfully. And to do that, create a mixture with an equal parts vinegar and water. Then wipe off the sofa with a cloth dipped into that solution entirely. Afterwards let it dry nicely.

As known to all, vinegar is a powerful as well as effective cleaning product but the truth of the matter is that the acid in the vinegar can generally dry the leather couch. So due to protect it from drying, after you apply this vinegar, you should use any oil like coconut oil, preferably linseed oil all over the leather couch. This linseed oil woks wonderfully as a conditioner to help keep the sofa nice and soft. You you can also use special leather conditioner like Honey leather conditioner.


We hope you have already got the easiest tips on how to clean leather sofa with household products. And it’s true that cleaning leather sofa will be very easy by following that procedure. So clean it and enjoy your nice and clean couch in your home. And stay clean and safe. After applying that method, share your experience with us frankly.

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