How to Clean a Wood Ceiling | With Easy Solutions

Wood ceiling is the most charming and cool addition to the modern house. It actually bears a natural beauty to your lovely home. Furthermore, a quality wood ceiling last long, if you can take proper maintenance of it.

When you want to clean any wood surface, you need to proceed following some directions like dusting, wiping/ cleaning, waxing, and polishing carefully. And when you use water, mind you that, you have to wipe it off and dry as early as possible. Otherwise, it can cause damage on your wood.

No matter how dirty the high modern wood ceiling is. If you know the proper procedure, and ceiling cleaning tools, correct cleaning agent, then it would be super easy and interesting at the same time. To ensure your ceiling effective cleaning and natural shine, in the following we’re going to figure out on how to clean a wood ceiling satisfactorily without damage.

How to clean wood ceiling easily

Cleaning wood ceiling can be daunting task if you don’t know the proper procedure and exact tools and cleanser. As it is relatively difficult to reach to this area, it’s hard to clean, especially modern wood ceiling kitchen and bathroom is more difficult because kitchen ceiling becomes more greasy for cooking and bathroom ceiling catch mold is because of moisture. Although, the ceiling can be moldy and dirty as well. Anyway, it doesn’t matter how greasy, dusty, or moldy your ceiling is. Just follow these important and effective steps on how to clean a wood ceiling satisfactorily.


When it comes to cleaning your wood ceiling, the first thing you have to do is to dust them nicely. Regular dusting can help you to get rid of deeper cleaning very often. If this is your first time to cleaning high ceiling, it would be a great idea to buy dusting tool with telescopic arm or vacuum cleaner with long wand to perform the task superbly. To easily reach the ceiling and to get the job done standing on a ladder is much more helpful. Now with the aid of that vacuum cleaner or dusting tool, dust all the cobwebs and dust from the ceiling and beams.

Pay special attention to the corners and in between the cracks where the dust, cobwebs, or spider webs hide with ease. It’s important to remember that you should cover all the belongings that are situated under the ceiling while cleaning it. After that, dust your entire ceiling and beams properly.

Wiping/ cleaning

When done dusting, the next step you have to do is to wipe or clean the wood ceiling beams and surrounding. And it’s important to remove the leftover dust spills, and such satisfactorily. Before you the wiping task, you need to gather some necessities:

  • A bucket
  • Long handle dust mop
  • Folding ladder/ step stool
  • Water
  • Detergent/ dish soap

Now fill your bucket with lukewarm water and then mix some dish soap / detergent with this water to make a cleaning solution. In this step, dip long handle dust mop into the dish soap solution and wring it out. Then mop your entire ceiling with the mop thoroughly. If you don’t have a long handle dust mop, you can use any soft cloth instead. Never forget to use step stool or folding ladder to get easy access to the ceiling.

With this in mind, when you clean kitchen wood ceiling, you have to pay particular attention to the appearance of the stove is because this area becomes more greasy. So first use detergent or dish soap with warm water and after waiting some time scrub it with sponge or scrub brush. And if you’re not satisfied with this, then apply wood grease cleaner that is available on online the market or supermarket.

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Rinsing and drying

Once you finish your cleaning job, you should rinse the ceiling and beam with fresh water by using a damp cloth or long handle mop. Eventually, dry the ceiling by wiping a dry cloth. Last but not least, it would be better to open the window or turning fan/ AC to dry the wood faster. Otherwise, the wood can be damaged.

How to remove mold from wood ceiling

As wood is normally good at absorbing water or moisture, mold most commonly grows on modern wood ceiling bathroom. And it can be disgusting to find your ceiling. But don’t fret! Read our guideline to learn on how to remove mold from wood ceiling in the following:

Always start with the mild mold cleaner and eventually stronger solution. Actually, it will depend upon the mold level. If it’s very basic level in mold growth, use dish soap and warm water. And if the mold stain is relatively tough, use vinegar and warm water. However, for removing stubborn mold stain, you have to apply bleach solution or sand paper.

Pro tips: Before performing your mold cleaning job, the first thing you need to do is to put on safety googles, rubber gloves, and air mask. Because the mold spore can be harmful to your health. If you’re allergic to mold, try to cover your entire body as much as you can wearing long sleeve shirt.

Now start the mold cleaning job following this instruction below:-

Use dish soap


Vacuum the ceiling with heap vacuum with long wand


Make a solution by mixing with dish soap with warm water. Apply it on the ceiling and scrub with a soft bristle brush in a circular motion. If you’re not satisfied with the final result, repeat the process. After finishing cleaning job, wipe off the ceiling with dry towel.

Use Vinegar

If dish soap is failed, you should try with stronger cleaning agent distilled white vinegar. For this method, pour vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it onto ceiling thoroughly. Let it work properly around 1 hour or so. Then scrub with the soft bristle brush. After that, wash the ceiling and wipe off the dry towel.

Use bleach solution or sand paper

If the mold is stubborn, then you have to apply bleach solution. And to do that, first make bleach solution with dish soap, water, and bleach. Use about 5 cups water, a quarter cup of dish soap, and 2 cups of bleach. After you make this solution properly, apply it onto the ceiling with sponge of stiff-bristle brush. Wait some time and then scrub it nicely. You can repeat this procedure if needed.

Once the mold cleaning task finish, maybe you notice the wood finish is damaged. In this situation, you should use wax and polish by turns.

Finally, to resist mold spore spreading, you can sand the moldy area with a sand paper. Mind you that, you have to sand while the wood is damp with the bleach solution. Last but not least, after you sand off the ceiling air dry the ceiling wood.


Once the ceiling is completely cleaned, you will think to keep it nice, protected, and free from scratches. And for that the only thing you have to do is to wax the wood ceiling with paste wax that available in the market. Before applying the paste wax, of course, you have to set folding ladder. Because, in this step, using a piece of lint-free cloth. You have to rub the wax over the ceiling in a circular motion. Wait a few minutes to dry the wax properly. After that, buff it out with another soft clothing. For any corner or crevices, you can use shoe brush.


After you complete waxing, it needs to be polished. But how to polish wood ceiling easily? Don’t fret! It would be super easy after knowing our simple method. Let’s get started-

White vinegar and olive oil

First, make a natural polish mixing ¼ of white vinegar with a cup of olive oil. You can add a little bit of clean water with this natural polish if you want. Then pour it onto the soft cloth, preferably the long handle dust mop and wipe off the wood fittings in the direction of the grain.

Lemon juice and olive oil

With these two ingredients, you will be able to make another astounding as well as effective natural wood polish. To do that, mix 1 cup of lemon juice with 2 cups of olive oil. Now apply it over the ceiling and beams with a long handle mop of soft clothing whatever you like.

But if you want to use any commercial polish for your ceiling, then, the F Wood16-Feed-N-Wax would be helpful to preserve as well as keep the ceiling from drying out, folding, or even cracking. It can be used once a month or so that means when you find out the wood stuff started to dry or looking a bit faded. The good news is that you can use this product finished or unfinished wood fitting both.

Top tips: When you polish your wood ceiling, don’t forget to open window that mean the area should be well ventilated. A few customers reviewed “FW0016 Feed-N-Wax’s label is highly flammable. That’s why, you have to be careful to preserve it. We suggest not to keep or utilize in the kitchen.

Weiman furniture polish & wood cleaner

If you want to buy any commercial wood cleaner and polish, then Weiman Furniture Polish & Wood Cleaner would be another great product. You will be able to clean, moisturize, as well as condition your ceiling. This is also effective for protecting the ceiling drying, fading, or cracking. Another good thing is that this polish is not only applicable for ceiling but also cabinets, chair, doors, floors, and such. However, when you make a decision to take it, never forget to check its container. Because, at times, it can be damaged and spilled on arrival.


Ceiling or wood ceiling cleaning and taking care is relatively complicated as it’s located in high position. Aside from that, you should take the right steps to deal with mold or other dirty things. From our review, you will easily find the important tips on how to clean a wood ceiling superbly. We’ve discussed natural cleaner and natural and commercial both type of polish. So you can grab that to perform your cleaning task.

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