How to Clean Wood Table Without any Damage

Cleaning wood table is much easier than you can think of. Almost we all love to keep wood furniture, especially wood table in our homes and offices because of its beautiful design, shiny appearance, and long-lasting durability. This is the reason, it’s popular and used progressively in our dining space, reading room, living room, or even balcony also.

This table is user- friendly, quite elegant, and eco-friendly also, but the dust can make conflicting result. If you don’t maintain regular dusting, it could lose its smooth, shiny, and decorative look. Because, it can gather airborne deposits, smoke from cigarettes, pet dander that build up a filmy layer on the surface of your precious table and scratch it eventually.

You will not be able to remove those dust and dirt entirely by wiping with a dry towel. To do that, you may require some advanced methods. Normally, we know that any dirt or dust is always tough to remove but adhere to simply.

So it’s essential to learn-how to clean wood table and keeps it smooth and bright once and for all. In this article, we’ve shared the most effective way to clean it naturally and chemically altogether.

How to clean a wood table naturally

You can use wood or oak wood table in your kitchen, bedroom, or reading room. No matter what type wood you use, cleaning method is the same. Here are some important techniques to clean wood table naturally and effectively. Try these techniques, to spiff up your table safely and efficiently.

Clean with damp microfiber cloth

Start wiping your table with a damp microfiber towel to clean dust and grime. And this is the best way to clean wood table daily. However, after you are done with cleaning the table completely, it’s important to dry it with dry microfiber cloth or paper towel instantly, otherwise it can be damaged. It will be best, if you can make sure the table gets enough air through the window or such.

Clean with dish soap

If the table has stain, paint, or any sticky residue, the headache will be how to clean a wood table that is sticky. But don't  distress, it would be very easy. For removing it, the first thing you need to do is to clean with the most humble household cleaner dish soap which poses no risk to the fairness of the finish.

But before you use this liquid soap, never forget to test it on any inconspicuous part of the table like inside of the table leg to ensure the finish will not get removed. If it is ok, mix a few drops of dish soap with a cup of water and softly apply on the gummy section. With this in mind, always avoid soaking the wood of the table in water. And after cleaning that surface, wipe the area with a dry towel as soon as possible.

Clean with vinegar and olive oil

You will be very happy to know that, vinegar and olive oil can clean wood table and polish at the same time. Since vinegar and olive oil both are natural cleanser, you can use those products without any tension.

 In this method, combine 3 table spoons of olive oil with 1 table spoon of vinegar. Pour this solution in a bottle prefeably a spray bottle for your convenient use and shake well. Afterwards spray it on the microfiber towel and wipe your table with it properly. Then dry the table thoroughly so that liquid doesn’t linger for long.

How to clean wooden table with chemical

Sometimes, you will notice more extreme situation on the table, if this is the case, of course, you might need to try with mineral spirits. Before using mineral spirit, test it any hidden spot to ensure it will not damage the finish.

 Mind you that keep your working area well-ventilated and wear gloves on your hands when applying mineral spirits. For suitable use, decant it in a small spray bottle. Then spray it on a clean cloth and with this cloth rub down that dirty area. If your table still has some stains or dirt, it might require another round of using this spirits.

How to clean mold and mildew from the table.

Wood furniture, especially wooden table is prone to mold and mildew when you are not taking care of it regularly and properly. And it can be ruined by this type of naturally occurring event very easily. In this situation, you have to get mold and mildew out from the table as early as possible to keep your table away from being damaged once and for all. There are a few methods to do that, and we’ve laid out the most effective techniques one by one:

Wood table mold

Use vinegar and dish soap

As an excellent mold cleaning agent, first, we get distilled white vinegar. Add one teaspoon of dish soap into one cup of vinegar. For your convenient use, pour it into an empty plastic spray bottle.

 Now spray the moldy area of your table with the solution thoroughly. Allow it to sit around 40 minutes and then wipe down the entire area with a damp towel in the direction of the grain. And finally, wipe away with a dry cloth to keep the table free from moisture. Repeat all the previous steps until you are fully satisfied with the final result.

Use bleach, detergent, and water

To remove stubborn mold from your table, make a solution of one quarter cup bleach and a gallon of warm water). After that, put one and half table spoon of laundry detergent into this solution. Pour it into the spray bottle and shake it well until it gets soapy foam with laundry detergent.

After you’re done with making soapy form, spray it on the table of moldy area. Wait about 30 to 40 minutes. Scrub with an old tooth brush or any small brush. When you’re done scrubbing, wipe it down with a soft sponge liberally to remove mold and dust altogether. Let it dry with a clean dry cloth afterward.

Last but not least, try to place your table in the sunlight to dry nicely and quickly. As mold and mildew loves moisture, always try to keep the table moisture free.

If the mold still persists on the table, sand paper will do the trick. By using the sand paper rub down that area horizontally and vertically both. After that, vacuum that place with a HEPA vacuum which is very effective for removing as well as protecting the mold growth in the future.

How to clean water marks off wood table

Wooden table is, without a doubt very beautiful and gleaming, but it's not impermeable to the wear and tear, especially watermarks of our daily life. But do not despair of this. Because you already got some effective solutions and true methods to remove it permanently. Let's see those crucial techniques mentioned below:

water marks wood table

Mayonnaise or petroleum jelly

Your most recent party (or it was you) left a lot of watermark rings on your wooden table. After you notice it don't delay, just apply either mayonnaise or petroleum jelly on that stain. Using a soft cloth, rub any of them onto the stain in a circular motion. Leave it to sit a number of hours or overnight. And in the morning, with a clean towel wipe all the mayonnaise or jelly away. Finally, finish your task by polishing with white vinegar satisfactorily.


To get rid of this repulsive watermark rings from the table, take some non-gel toothpaste and rub it by using a soft cloth gently and then wipe the surface off with a damp towel. After that, apply a wood polish to get the shiny look back. You can also use lemon oil instead of wood polish.

Vinegar and olive oil

Another best and quickest way to remove watermark ring from your table is to use vinegar and olive oil. In this method, add one part vinegar to one part olive oil in a small bowl. With the help of soft as well as clean cloth, apply this solution over the stain. Wipe it off with a dry microfiber cloth in the direction of the wood grain until that watermarks gone completely. Here vinegar helps to remove that water stain and at the same time olive oil perform its polishing task.

Use wax on the table

Wax plays an important role to create a protecting layer on the surface of your wooden table. Keep in mind, before you use wax, it’s very necessary to clean the table completely, otherwise the coating of wax will gather dirt and grime that would be tough to clean afterwards.

 Now take a small amount of wax in cotton cloth and wrap it nicely. Then press it gently all over the table surface until it gets soft and rub in a circular motion over time. If necessary, wipe off the excess wax using a clean cotton clothing.


Doesn’t matter the size of your table, polishing is fairly easy process that you’re able to do yourself. To polish your table, if you want very simple solution, pick up a wood polish from the nearest big-box store. It will be versatile as well as easy to use. And if you want nice shine of your table, it will get the job done. Bu it's important to remember that before using this polish, of course, follow the terms of use mentioned on the polish pack.

But if you look for something more advanced for polishing your table that is made up of wood, then consider using shellac, tung oil or linseed, lacquers, or varnishes. However, you have to be careful when using lacquers, varnishes, or some mixture of oil because they can emit toxic fumes. So you will need extra safety precautions before you use those products.

Tips for cleaning Wooden Table

  • Always avoid using food oils like olive or vegetable oil, and such as a polish. Because they can spoil the wood and can also make an unpleasant smell over time.
  • You should use wax only over the non-oil polishes like lacquer or shellac.
  • Always keep the area well-ventilated and make sure any child or pet doesn’t come to the area, especially when you are using a solvent or polish which emits fumes.
  • Before using polish clean all the dust and dirt the table nicely.
  • Before using polish, test it on an inconspicuous area because it may have an abnormal effect on your wood furniture.


We have already discussed some most effective and easiest way to clean wood table that you can try to remove dust, dirt, or ant sticky substance altogether. All these instructions will be very helpful to clean your wood table. So, when you think how to clean wood table, without any delay, prepare that materials that mentioned above and start your cleaning job. And clean your table and enjoy it comfortably with your family members and guest all day long.

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