How to Clean Wooden Blinds Easily & Quickly

Wooden blinds are durable, stylish and offer your window super protection as well as enhance more elegant look than other regular blinds like vinyl, plastic, or cloth blinds. To maintain those blinds properly, first and for most, they need regular cleaning. And with the proper care and attention, it’s possible to keep them nearly new all the year round and last longer also.

Now the question is how to clean wooden blinds or wooden blinds white easily and quickly? Don’t distress, there are several techniques to do that nicely. Here we are going to learn some most effective methods which can help with cleaning your blinds superbly and successfully.

3 Best ways to clean wooden blinds

Wooden blinds cleaning is really very easy if you know the proper procedure. In the following we have laid those important as well as easy ways one by one to clean them easily and superbly.

Clean with dry microfiber cloth, feather duster or dusting brush

To dust your wooden blinds, always try to use dry cloth or feather duster, preferably easy clean dusting brush so that the blinds can never be scratched at all. These tools are undoubtedly able to quickly clean the dust from the blinds.

In this method, the first thing you need to do is to start wiping each and every slat on your blinds from left to right with the help of feather duster, microfiber cloth, or dusting brush. But don’t forget to wipe off the vertical wooden blinds from top to bottom. And always focus on every slat separately for the best result.

And the next step you have to do is rotate the blinds to open the opposite side of your wood blinds. Now repeat the first step and clean the other side of the blinds properly. With this in mind, you should try to dust the window blinds at least once a month to keep it nice and clean.

Clean with damp cloth for removing stubborn marks

If you notice too much build up dirt that is to say stubborn stain on your blinds, then only dusting will not be the proper solution. In this situation, you will have to rub the blinds lightly with a damp cloth (use lukewarm water) for deeper cleaning. Mind you that, don’t rub too hard because it can damage varnish or paint finish on your blinds.

By using a damp towel or microfiber cloth wipe each slat away from left to right. And to clean hard stained areas, wipe in a gentle circular motion. After wiping one side, go to the other side to perform the same job.

Always remember that like other wood furniture wooden blinds can be damaged due to standing water so after cleaning with damp cloth let them dry faster.

Clean with vacuum dusting brush attachment 

This is another best way to clean wood blinds instead of feather duster or easy clean dust brush. In this method, to clean your blinds, First off, open the blinds and take a slat in one hand. Then with the other hand, run the vacuum dusting brush attachment across the slat properly. Repeat this procedure the both sides of every slat on your blinds in the way like dry microfiber cloth method (first method) mentioned above.

For cleaning uppermost wooden blinds slats on your blinds which are not within your easy reach, you can use strong and well-position step stool. And after you are done with wiping your blinds, it’s important to take away this tool carefully.

Remember that this vacuum attachment method is only applicable when done vacuuming previously or you have low time on your hand to clean the wooden blinds.


We hope now the above-listed cleaning procedures that mean wooden blinds cleaning tips will be very helpful when you need to know how to clean wooden blinds yourself without damaging them. And to successfully clean the blinds you may need to try any one of them or more that suit you the best and get nice and clean wooden blinds and stay safe and enjoy healthy life in your home with you and your family members throughout the year.

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