Common Uses of Vacuum attachments in your home

Now a day's almost all vacuums come with a variety of attachments – hoses, extra brushes, and other tools - designed to help you to clean more than the carpet and floor. These tools of the vacuum cleaner are made to assist you with specific jobs. But, now we all are very busy, so many of us just utilize the same one every time. A few of us ignore all of them totally. But these common uses of vacuum attachments are essential for us. And any best vacuum cleaner you will see this type of attachments.

 Common uses of vacuum attachments are following:

Extension wand

Extension wand

Extension wand is the main attachment of the vacuum that you use every time of cleaning your home. It provides you greater ease and comfort while vacuuming, as by adjusting its length you can avoid stopping when you work. This tool also offer much more reach, so you can get into tight places, hard to reach areas or corners, behind appliances, door mantels, and media cabinets as well.

Upholstery tool

Upholstery tool

​Actually, the width of vacuum attachment differs from brand to brand. Most of them are a few inches wide and sometimes, they have lint-catching fabric strip that is ideal for removing dust from within the fabric upholstered sofas and chairs, mattresses and cushions.
This attachment is also perfect for fluffing up the fabrics on car seats and so they look like completely new.

Dusting Brush

Dusting brush

Dusting brush is a small round brush with soft and long bristles. This could be connected to both a hose and an extension wand. It's actually designed to clean picture frames, bookcases, lampshades, windowsills, blinds. If your vacuum cleaner has variable suction, you can use it for more fragile tasks like vacuuming around knick-knacks, ornaments and artwork. First, move the brush all around the items softly to loosen the surface area dust and then the vacuum suction will do the rest.

Crevic tool

Crevic tool

​With its angled tip and skinny shape, this tool gets into tight places such as along baseboards, between sofa cushions, around vent or radiators, corners, and more. You can also utilize this for taking away the lint from the clothes dryer as well as for cleaning the coils in your fridge.
Apart from that, crevice tool is a great tool to use on hand while cleaning the car. And with this tool, you can drag small stones and particles that are between the seats and the console.

Canister Vacuum Only

  • Bare floor brush: It is a wide narrow tool which has short, stiff bristles for cleaning grit and fine dust from tiles and hardwood floors.
  • Motorized brush head: This is a large attachment of canister vacuum cleaners that has a rotating brush for cleaning carpets more like an upright styles. It is also known as power nozzle. Some devices will have the turn off option of its rotating brush. So it can be used on bare floors as well.

These are the common uses of vacuum attachments that have almost all vacuums.

Additional attachments

A lot more items can be cleaned with these attachments above. However, some vacuum cleaner manufacturers offer innovative units for performing trickier jobs. Few might come with your vacuum, and others need to be bought separately.

  • Turbo or power brush: It is look like motorized brush of a canister vacuum, but smaller size. This tool is small and compact with rotating bristles that really works well on mattresses, stairs, car interiors, or even deep clean upholstery items. However, some brushes have rubber parts for cleaning pet hair clinging to fabrics. But we recommend not using this turbo brush on delicate silk, because it may damage your fabric.
  • Mattresses attachments: This attachment is actually designed to pull more dirt, dust, and allergens from your mattresses. Sometimes you can get it with textured pads, extra width or any specific designed for your task.
  • Blind and ceiling fan attachments: These attachments help you to get to the top side of your fan blades as well as between window blonds.

​Apart from that, we saw one sort of vacuum cleaner for allergies on the market which have Pet Handi-Mate Tool, Pet Power Brush, or Beater Bar for cleaning especialy, the pet hair.

In a word we can say the utilization of these vacuum attachments is very common but important for every one.

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