Dirt Devil Quick Lite Plus Corded Vacuum cleaner Review

If you are searching for durable and high quality vacuum, this is simple not for you. But if you want lightweight, inexpensive, and compact vacuum cleaner as a support for any occasional use, the Dirt Devil Quick Light Plus Corded vacuum cleaner might be exactly what you need. It has all the features like small, lightweight, and reasonable price and it can get the task nicely. This vacuum is one of the best vacuum cleaners on the market and it is also cheaper compared to other best models. The Dirt Devil Quick Lite Plus has been designed for highest efficiency for vacuuming more cleaning area in shorter time. And its 8 feet stretch hose helps you to increase your vacuuming area.

Dirt Devil Quick Lite Plus Corded Vacuum Cleaner

Product dimensions – 9.5 X 13 X 21.44 inches
Item weight - 9 pounds
ASIN - B004F7AR02
Item model No - UD20015

Design of Dirt Devil Quick Lite Plus Vacuum

Dirt Devil quick lite plus is one of the best brands in category of carpet cleaners, and the Dirt Devil Quick Light Plus Corded vacuum cleaner is no exception. It features 11 inch wide cleaning path that can help you to clean a lot more surface area in less time. It features cyclonic filtration system that will make easy your entire carpet vacuuming job with its constant strong suction. This vacuum works on tile floors and medium and low pile carpets.

 However, this vacuum is very noisy. So if you share your apartment, you need to be pretty caring when planning when to clean. We think it will not perform well on thick carpets but it will work nicely on tiled floors and also low and medium pile carpet. And overall, its small and lightweight design offers you easy maneuverability and effective cleaning performance.


  • Cyclonic filtration and HEPA filter: It features cyclonic filtration system that offers outstanding cleaning at minimum cost. It also has basic HEPA filter.
  • Bagless: This vacuum is a bagless vacuum cleaner. So you can see very easily when you need to be emptied. Moreover, there is no need to purchase any replacement bag.
  • Upright: The Dirt Devil Quick Lite Plus features upright that is designed tall. So whenever you clean with an upright vacuum, you don't have to lower your back.
  • Wide cleaning path: It has wider cleaning path that covers more areas while cleaning that means less movement but more cleaning or vacuuming. This is the special feature of it.
  • 8 ft hose and 20 ft power cable: This vacuum has 8 ft hose and 20 ft power cable. So it can properly vacuum 28 ft radios cleaning area. The Dirt Devil Quick Lite Plus conveniently works any small room.
  • Small and lightweight: It features small and lightweight (under 10 pounds). So it is comfortable to push around and carry anywhere as well.

Pros and cons of Dirt Devil Quick Light Plus Corded vacuum cleaner at a glance;



  • Inexpensive vacuum
  • HEPA filtration system.
  • Lightweight and easy maneuverability
  • Stretch hose (Length 8 ft).
  • Easy empty dirt cup.
  • It can effectively clean low and medium pile carpet.
  • Scuff Guard that can be used for cleaning 
    on hard floors.

  • Cleaning path (11 inch wide) for vacuuming much more area in short time. 

  • It is little bit noisy.
  • It can clean specific area a few time.


The Dirt Devil Quick Light Plus Corded vacuum cleaner is really user friendly. It is lightweight (less than 10 pounds). So it is super easy to use and maneuver and also worthy of praise. One of the best features that enhanced its effectiveness is that the ability to clean more surface area in short time.

Another valuable function of this vacuum is cyclonic filtration to properly clean any mess with its strong suction. And for this filtration you don't need to go the same place one more time. It also has 20 feet long power cord that makes it more comfortable to use.

The dirt Devil Lite Plus is very popular because it is bagless. So you will never have to purchase a replacement bag for this. By using this vacuum, you can save your money as well. Moreover, storage of the vacuum is very significant issue because heavy vacuum take up more spaces. But this Dirt Devil Lite Plus is tiny in size and not heavy, so it is very easy to store in your home.


The Dirt Devil Quick Light Plus Corded vacuum cleaner is actually suitable for any small living areas like small apartments or dorms. It would also be a good decision for cleaning your garage or beach-side holiday home or to leave in your country, somewhere which is utilized occasionally.

This vacuum can be used on low pile and medium pile carpet or rugs, hardwood, and also tile floors. So it can save your valuable time and helps to keep your house completely clean and enjoyable. It is very simple to manage, as it is sleek and not heavy and will take up small space in your home.

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