Eureka Easy Clean Lightweight Handheld 71B Vac Review

The Euraka brand is known for offering high quality vacuum cleaners to the customers all around the world. And one of their most popular vacuum models is the Eureka easy clean Hand Vacuum 71B. In fact, this is one of the most desired for vacuum cleaner in Amazon by the customers. As the name suggests, it is handheld and corded vacuum with extraordinary suction power. This vacuum is also reasonable and lightweight enough for more customers to carry around the home.

 Actually, The Eureka  Easy Clean Hand Vacuum Cleaner does everything that you would expect a good vacuum would do. Once you have utilized this vacuum and it is handheld mode, and you will understand how this can help you a lot in your cleaning task.
If you are looking for best vacuum cleaner under $100, you should consider this Eureka Easy Clean 71B.

Eureka Easy Clean Lightweight Handheld Vacuum

Product dimension – 7 X15 X 8 inches
Item weighs - 4.85 pounds
Shipping weighs - 6.65 pounds
Manufacturer - Eureka
Item model No - 71B

Design of Eureka Hand vacuum 71B

The Eureka easy clean hand vacuum is extremely lightweight and super vacuum cleaner. This vacuum looks after exactly more than your home – it takes care of you as well. It has brush roll on/off button, just click on the brush roll on button for cleaning deep carpet and brush roll off button for cleaning hard surfaces. This Eureka 71B is a corded vacuum cleaner that can be expanded in 20 feet. There are also two motors – one motor is for suction and another one is for the brush, which makes it effective to clean. So it is really the best for home and office cleaning. The more you use it, the better you will feel and also the better your home will be look. It has crevice tool that can help you to clean any tight places such as under vehicle seat, between furniture, corners and so on.


  • Brush roll on/off button: One of the most loved features of the Eureka Easy Clean Lightweight Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is brush roll on/off switch that can help you to easily and effectively clean your home. When you want to clean your deep carpet, simply click on button and when you want to clean hard floor just click switch off button. This motorized brush is really effective on carpeted and bare floors that mean the entire home can be cleaned without needing to add or change any accessories.
  • Small and lightweight: Another exquisite feature of this vacuum is small and lightweight. So it needs literally no space to be stored. It just takes a very little section against a wall or inside of a cupboard.
  • Corded and handheld vacuum:The Eureka Easy Clean comes with 20 feet cord and is electric powered in place of battery controlled like some other handheld vacuum vacuums. It permits you to vacuum as much as you need and also for as long as you need without the restrictions of a battery. And with a 3 feet hose and a 20 feet long cord, you can clean up to 23 feet radius area without having plug in it.
  • Crevic tool: Another important feature of this vacuum is a crevice tool that can help you to clean in various types of tight places like cushions and under your car.

Pros and cons of Eureka Easy Clean Lightweight Handheld Vacuum Cleaner at a glance;



  • Reasonable price.
  • Its design lightweight and handheld.
  • Very small and portable.
  • Very easy to store it.
  • 6 inches wide cleaning path.
  • Strong suction power.
  • Filter is washable and reusable.
  •  5.5 amp motor for best performance.
  • Crevic tool for cleaning car seats,under furniture or any difficult to
    Reach areas.

  • Has roller brush that helps to clean
    carpeted and hard floors.

  • Warranty is very limited time (1-year).
  • It's cordless (minor problem).
  • Hose is short (only 3 feet long)


If you think it would be quite impossible to utilize a vacuum from first to last just using one hand, then you have to look at the Eureka Easy Clean Lightweight Handheld Vacuum Cleaner. It is one of the easiest to use vacuum on the market. Because it is lightweight and compact and its another feature to be used in handheld mode for very easy vacuuming in cars, stairs, and upholsteries. The entire vacuum only weighs 5 pounds, so it is not only light to transport or store but also makes it maneuverable. There is a crevice tool, so you will not get any problems entering into the corners or any tight places where you need to vacuum. The power cord of this vacuum is extra-long 20 feet, that's why, you will not have to continuously unplug and go to another power point.


The Eureka Easy Clean Lightweight Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is an excellent small vacuum to clean your home, boat or car or any small cleaning jobs. And you can also vacuum carpeted and bare floors. This vacuum is very cheap and simple to use for ideal cleaning.

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