Why does my Floor smell after Mopping & How to Remove

Floor mopping is a regular household task to keep our home that is say floor smell free nice and clean. Normally, mopping takes away dirt and dust along with any type of bad odor. Moreover, mopping on a regular basis helps throw away germs from your floor at the same time.

But, mopping satisfactorily is not easy task. Sometimes, there could be leftover dust and dirt or bad smell on the floor after mopping. And it’s normal for beginners who don’t know the exact reason behind this. It can happen because of some most common issues like uncleaned mop, water, or other mistakes. In the following, we’re going to figure out precisely on why does my floor smell after mopping and how to get rid of them.

Why does my floor smell after mopping?

There are some most possible reasons that can cause floor smell after mopping. We are going to discuss those causes in the following:

Dirty mop

If you are not using nice and fresh mop to clean the floor, then it would be the main cause of leaving floor smells bad after mopping. That means, always check your mop before you start the cleaning job that it’s dirt and smell free or not.

Water source

Perhaps another biggest culprit for a smelly floor is the dirty water that is to say the water contains more sulfur contaminants. If you keep mopping to your floor with the water that contains hydrogen sulfate, it will make your laminate, hardwood, or tile floor smells musty like rotten egg.

Unknown residue on the floor

There could be some unknown residue on your floor. Those residues like previously utilized chemicals to plaster or other leftover dust or spills of that chemicals. If you mop over that unknown residues carelessly, it would be another cause of floor smell after mopping.

Too strong cleaning solution

When it comes to floor cleaning solution, it should be perfect delusion or appropriate chemical distribution. But it’s sad but true that sometimes we can notice a few of cleaning agents which are uncontrolled delusion or inappropriate chemical that can lead to leave tile or wood floor smells musty after mopping. For instance, any acid cleaners are powerful type of cleaning solution and you should use it with care. And mind you that these acid cleaners could be corrosive, poisonous, and bad smelling at the same time.

How to get rid of bad smell after mopping

There are some easy as well as effective steps get rid of floor smell after mopping.

Clean your smelly mop

Clean with dish liquid and warm water

If your mop head is not machine washable, then it would be better to clean in the bucket. Due to do this, first, mix a few drops of dish liquid with 1 liter of warm water. After soaking up the mop head for about 18- 20 minutes or more, rinse with fresh water wring it out and let it dry in the sun. If you don’t want to use dish soap, you can also use laundry detergent instead.

Clean with vinegar, and warm water

Cleaning the mop head in vinegar and warm water solution is another best way to make your mop smell free. You can also pour some lemon juice in the solution to disinfect it. Mix one cup of white vinegar with one liter or more warm water and then pour some lemon juice. After that, let the mop head soak in the solution for about 15-18 mins. After soaking up the mop, it need to be rinsed. And then wring it out and allow it to dry nicely in the sun.

Clean with bleach and warm water

If you are not satisfied with the above listed solution, then you should apply stronger solution warm water and bleach solution. In this method, mix a few drops of chlorine bleach with one liter warm water. Make a solution properly and soak your mop in it. Wait around 15 minute or more depending on level of mop dirt eat away the germ or dirt. Then rinse it completely and dry it in the sun. With this in mind, never use bleach on synthetic mops or sponge mops as it can cause damage on them.

Top tip: Before you use bleach, of course, you have to use plastic globes on your hands. Otherwise it can cause damage on your skin.

Machine wash

However, if you use detachable mop head that is made up of cloth strips or towel then no need to soak it. Just detach it from the handle and through into the washing machine. In this step put a cup of bleach into the detergent or softener dispenser and keep your washing machine on hot water setting. Then turn it on to wash the mop and let the mop dry using AC or fan preferably in the sun before you reattach it to the handle.

You can buy a new mop head insead of cleaning old mop.

Make your water smell free

The second thing, you have to do is to check your water and if it contains hydrogen sulfide, make it smell free. To remove hydrogen sulfide smell from the water, you need to mix a few drops of chlorine bleach in water. It can effectively remove rotten eggs odor.

Remove unknown residue from the floor

To get unknown residue on the floor out, just put a few drops of laundry detergent or dish liquid on a non-abrasive sponge and try to clean that residue by scrubbing with the sponge. If you’re not satisfied with result, then do it repeatedly. And eventually mop the floor using white vinegar to clean up soap residual.

Remove leftover strong cleaning solution

If you notice, there is leftover strong cleaning solution on the floor, then you have to clean it with the aid of fresh water once, twice, or many times if needed. You can also remove the excess chemical by using a new mop head.


Although floor mopping is a very common thing in our life, people can make mistake while doing this. Hopefully, in this content, we tried to figure out precisely on why does my floor smell after mopping and how to get rid of that problem. So before starting mopping job, you should check the above stated possible reason of making floor smell after mopping and follow that important tips to get rid of that nasty smell. Clean your floor superbly and stay nice and clean in your home.

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