Hoover Air Cordless BH52160PC vacuum Cleaner Review

Hoover is a trustworthy vacuum brand name, and this small handheld portable device does not fail. And it is one of the best carpet and floors cleaners on the market. This Hoover Air cordless BH52160PC Vacuum cleaner is pretty strong, with consumer rating regarding its capability to remove dust, dirt, and hairs from carpet, upholstery, and also dust from car footwear mats. For its versatility, just fit the small and compact hand vacuum into an Air Cordless 2-in-1 to take care of carpets, especially when you notice infestation of carpet beetles. This machine has the greatest convenience of a lightweight, handheld cordless with strong efficiency of an interchangeable 20 V Lithium-Ion-Battery, as well as advanced technology, that all make this vacuum the best choice.

Hoover Air Cordless Hand Vacuum BH52160PC

Product dimensions – 17.5 X4.2 X 4.75 inches
Item weight - 2.1 pounds
Manufacturer - Hoover
Item model no - BH52160PC


The first thing that attracts the attention of customers is its lightweight and small size along with its sleek silver and blue design, with a curved handle which fits perfectly in your palm. Its length is 17.5 inches and is really small to quite easily keep anywhere, even in your cabinet. It weighs only 2.1 pounds that is very lightweight compared to other little handheld vacuums. The filter of this vacuum is also very small and requires to be cleaned every 5 to 6 uses, and it takes a few hours to air dry. This unit is almost noiseless, with customers reporting, it is just a little bit louder than any hair dryer.


  • Lithium-Ion-Battery: The Hoover Air cordless Hand Vacuum cleaner has powerful 20 V Lithium-Ion- Battery that is not only lighter than Ni-Cd, but it also last much longer and also offers longer runtime. Hopefully, it runs for 15 minutes and it takes around 9 hours to charge fully.
  • Tools and attachments: This vacuum includes a Powered turbo tool to offer you strong suction, and also a crevice tool to assist you vacuum restricted places such as car interiors and stairs. That's why, some reviewers said, this is the best vacuum for car and stairs also. This also fits into an Air Cordless 2-in-1 that provides you a lot more options like carpet and floor cleaning.
  • Small and lightweight design: This vacuum is very small and lightweight. So you can carry anywhere and everywhere very easily. And its small filter is washable and continuously reusable.

Pros and cons of Hoover Air cordless Hand Vacuum cleaner at a glance;



  • Most powerful and portable vacuum.
  • Long lasting lithium ion battery.
  • Reusable filters and dust cup.
  • Lightweight and extremely easy to maneuver.
  • Power Turbo tool to pick up stubborn, inserted dirt.
  • It is possible to clean carpet and floors for its advanced versatility.
  • Not too much loud.
  • It includes 2 attachments, Crevic Tool and Turbo Tool.
  • Included batteries runtime 15 minutes.
  • Battery charging time is so long (9-12 hours).
  • You have to clean this filter every 5 to 6 uses.
  • Brush roller makes problem sometimes


The Hoover Air cordless BH52160PC Vacuum cleaner has superb usability and users enjoyed just how comfortable it is to use. Its very small and lightweight design makes it easy to handle as well as move around your home. It includes 20 V Lithium-Ion –Battery that provides long runtime for easily performing your cleaning task. This vacuum also has various attachments like Crevic tool and powered turbo tool to vacuum different types of areas in your home. It has reusable rinse filter that can be cleaned with water for long lasting use. That being said, tips on carpet cleaning are very necessary besides vacuuming the carpet.


It is possible to depend on this Hoover Air cordless Hand Vacuum cleaner to perform everything that a portable handheld cleaner is supposed to do. As a versatile vacuum you can convert it from small handheld into an Air Cordless 2 in 1 that offers many options such as carpet and also floors cleaning job. The powerful brush roll of this vacuum can keep your stairway dirt free.

And cleaning your household furniture gets very simple with this extremely lightweight vacuum. If you require vacuuming your car, just take it there without the bother of a cord. In a word, this powerful and small lightweight handheld vacuum is great for stair, furniture, spot, and floor cleaning. It is also very cheap. That's why, if you are able to afford it, you can take it easily.

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