Hoover Air steerable WindTunnel UH72400 Vacuum Review

Hoover Air steerable WindTunnel UH72400 vacuum cleaner is a state of the stylish vacuum that basically shows why Hoover is a market leader as well as a most required brand or model when talking about vacuuming device. This vacuum is really lightweight for almost all customers to carry all around their home. It is also a upright bagless vacuum cleaner with exceptional suction power. This is a maneuverable device that is perfect for carpet and floors. It also has low cost for everybody. This Hoover brand is utilizing a multi-cyclone style in this vacuuming.

Hoover Air Steerable WindTunnel Vacuum UH72400

Product Dimensions - 13.7 X 11.3 X 37 inches
Item Weight - 13.05 pounds
Shipping Weight - 17.8 pounds
Manufacturer - Hoover INC/ TTI FLOOR CARE
ASIN - B00B7871DS
Item Model No - UH72400

Design Hoover Air Steerable Windtunnel Vac

Hoover Air steerable WindTunnel UH72400 vacuum cleaner is designed to provide entire house vacuuming capacity in a lightweight, powerful, and very easy maneuverable vacuum cleaner priced only $169.99. It is an all in one bagless upright vacuuming device, so the dust chamber, the base, and the handle are all included in one. Hoover Air steerable WindTunnel vacuum UH72400 is a corded vacuum and its cord or cable is not retractable. You don't need any bag because this vacuum is bagless. 


  • WindTunnel 3 Technology: The main feature of Hoover Air steerable WindTunnel vacuum cleaner UH72400 is its exceptional WindTunnel 3 Technology. It is actually an exceptional method where a specifically made vacuum cleaner head utilizes 3 channels of strong suction to clean up deeply inserted dirt and dust from your carpet and floors. Even though the carpet and floors which you considered were clean or dirt free will become tidier when utilizing this outstanding vacuum cleaner. This vacuum has eight cyclones to filter dirt and dust; therefore that type of hazardous dust and particles will never sent back out- ideal for asthmatics or even those allergic to dirt.
  • Lightweight: The Hoover Air steerable WindTunnel UH72400 vacuum cleaner is very lightweight. It weighs less than 14 pounds with wand and attachments. So it's very easy to carry, lift, or move around your home.
  •  Stretch Hose: It features a stretch hose to get under furniture. Besides, leaning your carpet, if you face any stain on the carpet, you should follow especial carpet cleaning tips.
  • Steerable technology: This vacuum has steerable technology, so you can maneuvers smoothly around corners, furniture or any tight places.
  • Multi- floor Brush Roll On/Off: By using its multi-floor brush roll on/off button, you can easily clean your carpet, hardwood floors, and laminate floors as well. So, you can say, this is the best vacuum cleaner for laminate floors and carpet.  

Pros and Cons of the Hoover Air steerable WindTunnel UH72400 vacuum cleaner at a glance;



  • It has swivel steering for simple and easy maneuverability as well as less stress.
  • Its Multi-Cyclonic Technology increases vacuuming.
  • Its long cord helps you to reach large area of your house without plugging and re-plugging.
  • It has removable filter that means you can rinse and reuse it frequently.
  • The dust cup is very easily emptied, just hold it over a dust bin and push the button.
  • It has 3 channels of suction those work together to pick up dirt and debris on the carpet and floor that is inserted deeply.
  • Easy navigation helps you to drive all around furniture, corners as well as move around all the obstructions by rotating its handle to assist you to go in a specific direction.
  • Bin of this vacuum is very small, so it needs to be emptied again and again.
  • Insufficient accessories like the lack of a pet tool.


This Hoover Air steerable WindTunnel UH72400 vacuum cleane is really user friendly. Normally upright vacuum cleaners are heavy and hard to maneuver, but Hoover brand have focused on those points to style an all in one device which is not only easy to maneuver, but also functional and efficient. It has a long power cord that is the perfect length to help you to clean large areas easily. You will not get any complicated switch- just one switch to turn the machine on as well as off, and the other to change between hard floor mode and carpeted floor mode. I want to notice that Hoover's Customer Care has improved considerably! And this brand has been doing an excellent job of observing any negative customer reviews.

On positive note:Sometimes, you can notice carpet beetle infestation in the carpet and can face carpet beetle rash on your shoulder, hands, and even legs. In this situation, you will clean your carpet properly with this sort of vacuum cleaner and use special lotion like Calamine


Hoover Air steerable WindTunnel UH72400 vacuum is an excellent vacuum for carpet and floors. Its overall vacuuming performance is superb and usability is also great. The build quality of this vacuum is standard in this price range. Its warranty is 5 years that is very good for everybody. Actually, the pricing makes this device a Great Value. If you reside in a small or medium size apartment this Hoover Air steerable WindTunnel UH72400 vacuum will be the best for you. It has great filtration system and wonderful suction power, and reasonable price.

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