How to Clean Bedroom Furniture Making It Look Shiny

Bedroom is a heaven of personal relaxing, so it needs to be nice and cleaned, especially you should take care of your bedroom furniture, floor, walls, ceiling, and such. Now when it comes to cleaning bedroom appliances, first you will think the furniture that you use most often including bed, table, dressing table, bookshelves, family photos, and so forth. And they can be made up of wood and metallic both.

No matter what type of furnishings you use in your bedroom. There are a number of ways to keep you room furnishings sparkling clean. In the following, we’re going to figure out on how to clean bedroom furniture perfectly.

How to clean bedroom furniture naturally

When you want to start cleaning your bedroom furniture, you have to follow some important steps such as dusting, wiping/cleaning, applying wax, and polishing.


To keep your apartment fittings nice and shiny, of course, you have to maintain your dusting job frequently is because this dust can cause airborne particles that finally build up in a filmy layer as well as scratch on furniture surfaces, especially wood furniture. In case of heavy dust, it can trigger allergies and asthma. Aside from that, without dusting, wiping or furniture cleaning would be completely horrible.

With this in mind, most of the time, the sources of dust particles could be your carpet and upholstery. So, you should try to vacuum that upholstery and carpet with the best handheld vacuum regularly as well along with the bedroom fittings. And the good news is that to perform this task superbly, there are some wood furniture cleaning products in the market such as Microfiber Delicate Duster, Wood furniture dusting cloth, furniture dusting cloths, and such.

Top tip: Before you dust the room furnishings, it would be better to wear dusting gloves or microfiber cleaning gloves.

Wiping/ cleaning

Wiping is the second step of cleaning your bedroom furnishings. Actually, it helps to eliminate leftover dust, spills, and much more pleasantly. That’s why, when done dusting, you have to pay special attention to wipe off the furniture top to bottom or inside and outside both. For your convenience, you can move them one place to another in your home.

As you can keep wood and metal both types of furniture in your bedroom so we’re trying to figure out the wiping method on how to wipe your bedroom goods (wood and metal) step by step in the following:

Cleaning wood furniture

Cleaning wood furniture is a little bit tricky. You can follow some important ideas with different types of ingredients and cleaner.

Dish soap and water

If you notice any stain on the wood furniture, first try with the weak solution of water and dish soap. Mind you that, before you apply this solution, dip a cotton ball in it and then test on a concealed area. Afterward, wipe the furniture with a microfiber cloth dipped into the dish soap solution. Then wring it out and make it almost dry. After that, wipe the entire furnishings and let it dry. Don’t forget to rinse that clothing often with fresh water.

Vinegar, water, olive oil

Vinegar is a natural as well as all-rounder household cleaner including furniture, floor, kitchen items, and such. As it contains acidic feature, for cleaning task, it would be better to use vinegar diluted in water. And to do this, mix one tablespoon of vinegar with every cup of filtered water. If you can’t tolerate vinegar scent, pour a small amount of dish soap to cover it.

 To polish the wood easily and naturally, mix similar cup of olive oil as vinegar. Never forget to test this solution underneath the furniture or any inconspicuous area where is not normally seen. Then dampen a microfiber cloth or a piece of cheese cloth in the bucket of solution and wring this clothing out making sure it’s not overly saturated. Now with the help of this moistened cloth, rub the furniture in a circular motions. Afterwards. Buff them out with a dry clean cloth.

Lemon juice, olive oil, water, and vinegar

When it comes to cleaning wood furniture, this lemon juice, olive oil, water, and vinegar solution is a trick. On one hand, diluted vinegar breaks up oily dirt and grime, on the other hand, lemon juice contains antibacterial properties with a low PH. So when you mix these two thing, they make a great solution to clean your bedroom furniture. And the good thing is that if you mix olive oil with this solution, it will clean grime and polish at the same time.

Before cleaning the furnishings, first make a solution with 2 cups of white vinegar, 2 cups water 2 cups olive oil, 1 cup lemon juice properly. Then test it on any hidden area and thereafter apply of the furniture surface with a soft cloth. Run on this cloth along the gain of the wood to remove dust and grime superbly. Finally, by using a microfiber cloth, buff away the cleaned area.

Top tips: As vinegar has acidic feature and bad smell, open the window while applying this cleaning agent over the furniture.

Cleaning metalic furniture

We have already described the simple and easy procedure of cleaning wood bedroom furniture. But if you have metallic fittings, you should follow this method.

First thing first, dusting is first and clean with mild detergent and water thoroughly. To do that, dip a microfiber cloth into the detergent and water solution. Wring the cloth properly so that there is no water drop, just it should be moist. After that, using this moist cloth wipe off all the leftover dust and grime or any sticky stain on your wood stuff gently. And eventually, wipe the area with a dry soft clothing nicely to remove standing water and let it dry using fan or AC.

How to deep clean bedroom wood furniture after 6 months

Aside from regular cleaning your apartment furnishings, you should deep clean at least once or twice a year. By doing this deeper cleaning, it would be easy to remove any film or sticky residue. And to perform this cleaning task, mineral spirit will do the trick.

In this process, first, dip a cotton ball in the mineral spirit and test it on the furniture which part is not usually seen. If you don’t notice any damage to the finish, then, you can apply it on the entire furniture. Especially, mineral spirit works wonder to clean off the grime and stain of wood stuff as well as restore its nice looks.

Now start by dusting properly and then soak a piece of clothing into that spirit and wring it out completely so that it’s not dripping.

After that, rub it over the bedroom furniture to clean them well. Keeping a little bit of patience, work slowly and carefully as mineral spirit is effective for cleaning old wood furniture grime.

Finally, rinse the area with a clean clothing dipped into fresh water. However, mind you that, after you drip the cloth into water, you should wring it nearly to dry. Then, with the help of this clothing, wipe off the furniture to rinse mineral spirit superbly and eventually, let it dry turning on the fan.

Advice: When using mineral spirit, you always have to open window because it creates a fumes


Once the furniture is cleaned and if you want to keep it looking pretty and protected as well as helps reduce surface scratches, then apply the paste wax. Using a lint-free cloth, rub the paste over the fittings in a circular motion. And give the wax a few minutes to dry and buff it out with a soft cloth and for curve surfaces, buff it out using shoe brush.


When done waxing, the best thing you need to do is to polish it correctly. But how do you polish bedroom furniture, especially wood furniture easily and quickly at home. Don’t worry, it’s very easy applying a number simple methods that has been described in the below:

Olive oil and white vinegar

Just mix 1 cup of olive oil with ¼ cup of white vinegar. If you want, you can mix a little bit of water with this to make the solution light. The next step is to pour it on a soft cloth and wipe off the furniture in the direction of the grain then buff with a clean cloth.

Olive oil and lemon juice

You can also make simple solution by mixing 2 cups of olive oil with around 1 cup of lemon juice. Now apply it on the surface of your wood furniture with aid of a piece of soft cloth.
Apart from these natural polish, you can also use store-bought wood polish for furniture, such as-

FW0016 Feed-N-Wax

This Feed-N-Wax is very helpful for preserving as well as keep the wood furniture from fading, drying out, or even cracking. You will use this product every month or so, especially when you notice that your wood stuff start to dry or looking faded. It’s important to remember that this Feed-N-Wax can be use on unfinished or finished wood stuff both.

When polishing room fittings, the area should be well ventilated. Some reviewer said, the label of this product is highly flammable so you should be careful to keep/use in the kitchen cabinet or anywhere in the kitchen

Weiman furniture polish & wood cleaner

This is another store-bought furniture polish spray. By using this Weiman Furniture Polish, it’s possible to clean, moisturize, and condition your wood fittings with almond fragrance at the same time. This polish is able to protect the furnishings from fading, drying, as well as cracking. And the good news is that, you can use not only bedroom furniture but it is also for chairs, doors, cabinets, floor, and so.

However, before taking this product, you have to be careful to its container. Because some customers reviewed that the container lid can be broken and the polish can be spilled on arrival.


We’ve already discussed the simplest methods to clean bedroom furnishings. And hopefully, you got the appropriate solution on how to clean bedroom furniture at home and you will be able to clean your apartment fittings following one or one more procedures at the same time. Finally, clean your bedroom and stay nice and clean. Share your important comment with us.

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