How To Clean Kitchen Floor | Ultimate Guide and Tips

We know kitchen is the most well-loved and most messiest places in your home. Since you have to cook your food again and again, spill occur on the stove as well as the floor that means the kitchen floor gets dirty very often. Now the only headache is how to clean kitchen floor?

Don't worry, it would be very simple and easy if you know the right moves along with the right supplies. And you don't need to call for any professional service. In this content, we are going to share a complete guide on how to clean kitchen floor depending on your surface types.

Types of kitchen floor that you should consider while cleaning

There are different kitchen cleaning methods on different surfaces.Your kitchen floor can be made of various materials such as wood, laminate,  tile, or vinyl. For some of the everyday kitchen spills such as grease, food, or sticky messes, you should at first try clean with a damp paper towel. If the wet towel doesn’t work correctly, then you can take an appropriate cleaner for each floor type. Here we are going to discuss the cleaning method of various kitchen floor.

1. How to clean a hardwood floor

Hardwood floor cleaning process

Using water for cleaning a hardwood kitchen floor can be harmful. Standing water can damage or discolor wood floors. Fixing this kind of mistake can be time-consuming and expensive also. You should use the best hardwood floor vacuum for proper cleaning. However, before using this vacuum you will perform some cleaning procedure. Let’s see this cleaning method.

Cleaning equipment

  • Broom
  • Microfiber mop
  • Bona hardwood floor cleaner

Cleaning process

  • At first sweeps the floor. Don’t forget to reach in the corner and under the appliances.
  • According to the instructions stated on the hardwood cleaner bottle, mix the liquid to the appropriate quantity, and apply to the microfiber cloths directly.
  • In another way, lightly wipe the floor with a soft wet cloth without pouring the liquid cleaner or water onto the hardwood floor.
  • And finally, take your vacuum and clean all around the kitchen without using any liquid cleaner and water

2. How to clean a vinyl floor

The Vinyl floor may be the most common kitchen floor, and it is quite easy to clean and maintain also. But the important thing is that you have to remove all stains from vinyl as soon as possible because if any stain dries and set on it, this may be impossible to remove.

Cleaning equipment

  • Lean towels
  • Broom
  • Floor cleaner
  • Mop
  • Soft cloth or brush with rubber bristles
  • Mild dish detergent such as Ivory
  • Bucket
  • Warm water

Cleaning process

  • Start your cleaning by sweeping the floor. Make sure to flush dirt from under the appliances and corners.
  • Take your next attempt to clean your floor with a mop and warm water. Most of the times, you don’t need to use detergents.
  • If still some of the dirt remains, you can use Ivory dish soap with warm water. Stay away from using an excess amount of dish soap; only light bubbles will enough for a good result.
  • Scrub the floor gently by using a soft cloth and a mop. You should take help from the rubber bristled brush to remove some stubborn spots.
  • You need to allow drying the wet floor completely. You can use towels to soak excess moisture.
  • If the dirt or dust still remains, use any floor cleaner preferably "Bona Hard Surface Floor Cleaner".  Just follow the instruction stated on the cleaner bottle and apply the cleaner on the floor, scrub with the brush, then clean properly.

3. How to clean tile floor

Usually, a glazed tile floor needs a very low-maintenance. So by following below process you will be able to clean this floor very easily.

Cleaning equipment

  • Broom
  • Bucket
  • Mild dish detergent such as Ivory
  • Warm water
  • Mop or sponge

Cleaning process

  • Start your kitchen cleaning job with sweeping the floor thoroughly. Make sure under the edges of appliances and the corners clean properly.
  • Now take a bucket with warm water.
  • Add some dish detergent if there are some greasy and sticky spots on your kitchen floor. Otherwise, only the heated water is enough for shining your floor.
  • Sponge or mop the floor, ringing frequently.
  • Let the floor dry entirely for next use

4. How to clean a Wood Laminate floor

How to clean wood laminate floor

The key formula to keep the laminate floor clean is to avoid socking it with water.That's because excess moisture can enter into the layers and causing them to swell and damage the floor.

Cleaning equipment

  • Broom
  • Soft cloth
  • White vinegar
  • Water
  • Bucket

Cleaning process

  • Sweeping the floor should be your first task of kitchen cleaning.
  • Now take one gallon of water in a bucket and add one cup of vinegar and mix them well. You have to choose one cup of vinegar for per gallon of water.
  • Dip one piece of soft cloth into the bucket solution so that it can saturate with the solution.
  • Twist the cloth into the bucket so that the moisture can remove as much as possible.
  • Now wipe the entire floor with this damp cloth, turning frequently.
  • When it gets dirty wash out with the clean water at first then submerging the cloth into the solution again.
  • Repeat the steps 3 to 5 times if needed.
  • Let the floor dry completely for the next use.

Instead of this method,you can also use the best vacuum for laminate floors for your kitchen as well as livingroom or bedroom.

Some additional tips and advice

Clean all types of spills immediately when they happen to avoid damage or stains.Actually, Grease is a very common kitchen mess which can easily remove from that kitchen floor by using the water and the ordinary dish soap. And The wire scouring pad is harmful to any type of floor. So you should use a scotch-Brite pad to scrub stubborn stains


We have shared different ways of how to clean kitchen floor. I hope you will be able to clean your  floor very easily by following any of the method depending on your floor. But if the dirt of your kitchen floor becomes severe, then apply that procedure once again with a little patience. Stay nice and clean and be safe.

Tile floor cleaning

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