How Often Should You Mop Wood Floors & How

Wood floors are beautiful, stylish, high-glossy, extremely durable, and relatively easy to clean simultaneously. And they can attach a delightful touch to you home. Moreover, they can maintain healthy air quality at home which is better for you and your family members, especially for your children.

But the truth of the matter is that, they need proper care, attention, and regular maintenance to keep the floors looking brand new, splendid, and fresh. Aside from that, wood surface cleaning on a regular basis helps reduce peril of pet hair along with dust, dirt, and other messes which can cause scratches and ultimately ruin their finishes.

Now you’re wondering of how often should you mop wood floors and how to do that superbly? In the following we have laid out how often should you do that and how exactly.

How often should you mop wood floors?

To keep your wood floors fresh, nice and clean, you should mop them at least once a week. It doesn’t matter how many people live in your living area or how much traffic those floors use. By doing this, you can ensure that all the dirt and particles which have gathered on your floors over the past seven days will never make grimy the floors by further foot traffic.

Floor mopping with light traffic

The first thing you need to know regarding light traffic areas. Actually, light traffic areas are those places where you don’t see much activity such as dining room, living room, and so on. In most cases, we notice that these spaces are utilized infrequently.
And to keep clean the light traffic areas, you should mop just once a week, but try to dust them every day.

Floor mopping with moderate traffic

Moderate traffic areas like residential building, especially bedroom, the entryway, the path from the living room to the kitchen, and such need to be mopped at least once a week. But if you have children or pet, then you should clean two or three times a week. However, for getting better result, you can also mop the wooden floors with moderate traffic 2-3 times a week and at the same time, it can play an important role to maintain its quality.

Floors mopping with high-traffic

High-traffic areas means those places where more than fifteen people obtain those spaces every single day including apartment buildings or other public buildings, lobbies, and business places. We normally suggest mopping high-traffic flooring every other day, preferably every day. And if you continue this type of cleaning schedule, then it helps floors look nice and last for decades.

On positive note: You can put highly absorbent floor mats at the entry to take care of heavy traffic floors. People can brush their shoes on that mat before they step on the wood floors and in this way, they will get another chance to brush their shoes before they step on the floor.

It’s also worth mentioning that your wood floor are sealed or unsealed because you can mop sealed wood without any problems as it is dried rapidly, on the other hand, unsealed wood doesn’t have protecting coating so it need great care to maintain its beauty and longevity.

For instance, when you want to mop unsealed wood floor, the first thing you need to do is to wring it out thoroughly so that there is no water on the floor; just moisture and after mopping wipe it using dry clothing or a soft absorbent paper and make sure the floor is completely dried.

How to clean wood floor naturally and chemically

You already know that how often should you mop wood floors? Now you have to find the basic knowledge of cleaning methods or how to clean that wood floors naturally and chemically. Actually, for keeping your floor safe, nice and clean, the right way and proper cleaning product both are essential. We are going to discuss some significant techniques to clean hardwood surfaces without any damage.

Mop with vinegar and water

wood floor mopping vinegar

To nicely and easily clean the floors, white vinegar and water is a very basic as well as effective solution. Actually, vinegar is made up of fermentation of alcohol that creates acetic acid which is used in various way including cleaning hardwood flooring. When you choose vinegar, of course, it would be white vinegar and you will get it any superstore’s grocery aisle. This is not only cheap and easy to find; but it is also one of the best cleaning agents to get the job done.

Before you clean your floor with vinegar, the first thing, you have to do is to always dust the entire floors with floor cleaning machine or any other dust mop thoroughly. Afterwards, arrange some necessities you need to mop and care for hardwood floors like white vinegar, a wring bucket, a microfiber twist mop, a microfiber towel, and fresh water. Now start the greatest way and true method that we always use.

Actually, vinegar is a mild disinfectant so it’s effective for any stain, bacteria, and such whatever get on the floors. Apart from that, vinegar removes grease, and helps not to leave streaks at the same time.

Now create a mixture with 1 part of white vinegar with 10 parts of lukewarm water superbly. Due to make proper solution, stir it completely that would be efficient for working dirt and grease. If you want to get vinegar smell out, add some lavender oil with the solution that you already made.

In this step, dampen the mop into the vinegar and water mixture and soak the mop for a few minutes so that it can absorb the water correctly as well as get steamy. Because you need the softness of this mop owing to clean the floor nicely.

Now take your mop and put it into the wringer to wring it out. Then you will notice that your mop has to be almost dry before it touch the floor. Now start mopping from one corner to other corner and then coming right back to left.

And to get better result, you can overlap the floor and in this way, make sure all the areas of your floor nice and clean top to bottom and left to right. After performing your mopping job, if you close down, you will see that your floor is almost dry as it is. But to be extra diligent, you can wipe off with the microfiber cloth to ensure there is no water left on the floor at all.

Mop with lemon juice, olive oil, and water

Floor mopping with lemon juice

We all of us already know that homemade cleaning solution is safer for people an environment as well. At the same time, many household cleaning items are able to clean just as efficiently as their commercial counterparts. This lemon juice and olive oil cleaning solution works wonder on hardwood floors. Before you start the cleaning job with olive oil, lemon juice, and water, first off, you have to make solution of 120 ml lemon juice, 4 L lukewarm water, and 180 ml olive oil.

Be mindful of vacuuming or dusting the floor before mopping with any solution. When your cleaning solution is ready, just dampen the microfiber cloth into it and wring it out nicely after a few minutes. Always try to use microfiber mop instead of cotton mop because microfiber mop is relatively easy to make wringing. Now by using this, clean your lovely wood floors entirely.

If you’re not satisfied mopping one time, then do it two times. And if that lemon juice solution seems dirty, then without any delay, change it to get better result. After finishing the mopping, you may notice a little bit of water on the floor left behind and do not let it to stand. Because, letting water stand may cause damage the floor. So wipe away that water using absorbent paper and get a nice and clean shiny floor.

Mop with vinegar and dish soap, and rubbing alcohol

Floor cleaning with vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and dish soap solution is another effective way to main your valuable wood floors. You have to clean the floor properly with vacuum cleaner before applying this solution like other method. Afterward, mix 1/2 cup of vinegar, one galon water, 2 table spoon of dish soap, and a few drops of  rubbing alcohol.

Now dampen a microfiber cloth into this mixture and wait for a moment to soak up the mop appropriately. Then, wring the mop out, when done soaked up. In this step, mop the floor thoroughly from right to left and top to bottom. When you have done mopping, wipe off the floor with the help of a microfiber clothing or any absorbent paper to absorb the water left behind. Then let it dry turning on ceiling fan or AC.

Mop with baking soda and vinegar

Sometimes, you can face any tough spot including pet stain on the wood floors. If this is the case, don’t worry, just apply baking soda and vinegar paste. And before applying it, mix one part of white vinegar with one part baking soda. Now put this paste onto the stain with the aid of a piece of cloth or any non-abrasive sponge. Then leave this paste for about 3-4 hours to work properly. Then wipe all the paste and stain altogether with a soft cloth.

But if you notice crayon, gum, or oil-based spot, then use a spoon or a credit card which has a blunt edge to take that stain away. Afterwards, grab a microfiber cloth and pour some castile soap or plant-based dish detergent on that towel and apply it onto the stain. Wait some time to break down the greasy substance. Finally, wipe that area with a wet mop (of course, you have to wring it out) and dry it with a dry cloth.

Last but not least, due to keep the floors glossy and presentable, they should be polished every 2-3 months. And the good news is that, regular floor polish can fills scratches as well as protect the future damage. Once the floor is polished, you should give it good enough time to dry. Moreover, it’s important to remember that, before you polish the floor, obviously it should be cleaned superbly.

Mop with bona

wood floor-mopping-bona

Another significant method to protect and maintain the wood floors is to clean with bona. It is available at most super store cleaning aisle on online store. Cleaning the floor with bona is not only very simple, easy, and effective but also it is best and safest way. With this in mind, safety is very important while using any store bought product, especially if you have adorable children and pets in your house. First and foremost, you have to make sure that the cleaning product will harm them or your family members.

Actually, bona is undoubtedly made by a renowned company with extensive experience in cleaning hardwood. And this is able to remove dust, dirt, and grime from the floor without leaving behind any streak or causing damage, as it’s a water-based cleaner. It would be best, if you take Bona Hardwood Floor Ultimate Care Kit. Because here you will get all the necessary tool, including bona and bona pad, floor polish, and much more which make your cleaning job easier.

Before using bona just dust the whole floor nicely and spray it with a spray bottle and wipe away with bona pad and lastly polish with bona hardwood floor polish to look shinier and to extend its lifespan.

Tips for mopping wood floors

When you make decision to mop your floor, you need to follow some important floor cleaning tips like;

  • Before mopping the floor, the first thing you need to do is to dust or vacuum with the best vacuum for wood floor.
  • After finishing the mopping always you have to wipe all the left water as quickly as possible as saturated water may damage your floor in the long run.
  • Finally, let it dry opening window or turning on your ceiling fan, or such.


We’ve already tried to explain the most common and easiest ways to mop wood flooring. Hopefully, now you will get the solution on how often should you mop wood floors and how. You can follow any of the above-listed. But if the floors get spot or any other unpleasant thing, then you can try one more techniques consecutively. At last, clean your pretty wood floors and stay nice and clean throughout the year.

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