iRobot Roomba Pet Vacuum| Best for Carpet & Hard Floor

Have you thought about the special robot vacuum that is good for pet hair, carpet, and hard floors a fortune? If yes, then iRobot Roomba Pet vacuum is that one. It comes with 3 stage filtration system as well as Dual multi-surfaces brushes to offer fantastic service for cleaning carpet and hard floors and at the same time, its popular Edge-Sweeping brush helps take care of nooks and crannies superbly.

With a full suite of advanced sensors, it can navigate under and around furniture along with nooks. Its special dirt detect sensors help alert this robot about dirtier places of your house such as high traffic areas as well as clean up them completely.

Apart from that, the iRobot Pet Hair Vacuum has a plenty of features like auto-adjust cleaning head, Lithium-Ion battery, iRobot home app or voice assistant, smart sensors, and powerful suction to clean dirt and debris, especially pet hair from hard floors and carpet all together.

Design of iRobot Roomba Pet Vacuum

Roomba vacuum

The outstanding outlook of this unit will really impress you. Usually iRobot Roomba models are tend to become between13-14” measuring diameter and height around 3-4”. This Roomba 675 Robot vacuum is not also different. It has an amazing sturdy look like other 600 series. Its weight 6.77 pounds and is require one lithium-ion battery to supply energy. According to customer reviews, this is one of the top notch robotic vacuums in the iRobot range.

This vacuum includes good suction power and auto-adjust cleaning head to clean up carpet and hard floors seamlessly. This suction power is good for sucking up from small to large debris. Its dirt detect sensors, automatically clocking and recharging system is admirable. This robotic vacuum is designed with exceptional 3 stage cleaning system which is engineered to loosen, lift, and suck up almost all types of debris very easily.

Best features of this robotic vacuum

Dirt Detect Technology

This Dirt Detect Technology is an outstanding features of this robotic vacuum. With this technology, this robotic vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet can find more dirt than normal concentrated in one area and work harder to clean that place until the sensors detect nice and clean in that specific space.

Dual multi-surface brushes

The iRobot  comes with wonderful Dual multi-surface brushes that is perfect for cleaning in general, especially excellent for removing pet hair from carpet as well as hard floors.

Auto-adjust cleaning head

This Roomba features appreciated auto-adjust cleaning head which helps to adapt its height to keep the Dual Multi-surface brushes in close contact with various types of surfaces hard floor, carpet, and many more to efficiently clean those floors superbly.

Three stage-cleaning system

It has three stage cleaning system which works wonders along with its Dual multi surface brushes, especially designed Edge-Sweeping brush to clean the large debris and small particles from different surfaces.

Automatically recharges and wi -Fi connected

The biggest advantage of this robotic vacuum is its wifi connectivity which is most desired feature nowadays. And it’s possible to control with voice assistant compatibility through Google assistant and Alexa. It can dock and recharge automatically and after getting charge fully, it runs for up to 90 minutes.

Newly updated iRobot home app

Another impressed feature of this vacuum is newly updated iRobot home app that allows improve overall cleaning experience. Use this app properly and enjoy it.

Adaptive navigation

This robotic vacuum comes with a full suite of advanced sensors that allow it to navigate around and under furniture together with edges.

Last but not least, its admirable Cliff Detect protect it from falling down stairs and such.

Specifications of iRobot Roomba Pet Hair vacuum

  • Product dimension: 13.4 x 13.4 x 3.54 inches
  • Product weight: 6.77 pounds
  • Brush type: Dual Multi-surface brush
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion battery
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and automatically recharges
  • Work with iRobot home app or Google or Alexa


  • Great for pet hair and other debris also
  • Astounding navigation
  • Best for carpet and hard floors both
  • Black and sleek design
  • Able to detect dirtiest areas and clean them properly
  • Lightweight and small
  • Able to clean each and every corner surprisingly because of its Edge-sweeping brush


  • A bit expensive

Why should you buy iRobot Roomba 675 robotic vacuum

iRobot Roomba pet vacuum is, without a doubt, a great robotic vacuum, if you have a pet with carpet or hard floors in your home. Thanks to its Dual multi-surface brush and 3 stage filtration system that work wonder in cleaning pet hair, dust, and small and large all types of particles superbly. And with its Dirt Detect Technology, you can find the dirtiest place in your house easily and can clean them rigorously. At the same time, the auto-adjust cleaning head adapts automatically its height to clean different surfaces nicely

It features a full suite of advance sensors to navigate under and around your furniture along with other nooks and crannies in your home.

Lastly, The Cliff Detect assist it to keep this unit from falling down the stairs.


The iRobot Roomba pet vacuum is an excellent choice for house cleaning with pet and other dust and dirt thoroughly. This unit amazingly knows where more dust and dirt are available in your home and can clean them perfectly. And with other features are also outstanding to clean your entire house. This can be controlled with Alexa and Google assistant compatibility. You can also begin your cleaning session with only your voice. So overall it would be best robotic vacuum for cleaning your home.

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