My Mattress smells Like Mildew | How to Get Rid of

If you notice your mattress smells musty or moldy, there is a good chance to have moisture or mold in there. Moreover, once you’re sure that the smell is definitely coming from your mattress, it undoubtedly gets damp anyway. Aside from moisture or humidity, it could involve your lovely children or pets as well. They can pour water on the mattress. Sometimes, apart from above stated reasons, it could just be for a lack of ventilation in your entire house or only the bedroom.

No matter, what’s the reason, just you have to get rid of this odor. In this content, we’re going to figure out precisely why my mattress smells like mildew & how to get rid of it properly.

Why my mattress smells like mildew

There are some important things that can cause mattress smells like mildew in your home. The most common causes are discussing in the following:

Too much moisture in your home

If there is too much moisture in your home, it will create mildew smell in mattress cloths, pillow case, and such. And if this situation is continue going on, then you will also notice a few of telltale signs such as foggy windows, clammy skin, or even warm atmosphere.

Started to grow mold or mildew

If there is so much humidity in your bedroom or entire house, then it will start to mold buildup. And eventually, it can create mildew smell in mattress.

Body odor from sweating or unknown smell under mattress

Sometimes, you can notice sweat smell or another unknown chemical smell or sweat stains on mattress that also can be like mildew.

How to get rid of smells in mattress

When you think on how to get rid of mattress smells weird, the first thing, you have to do is to eliminate the moisture from the mattress. If you do it nicely, the musty smell in mattress should go dormant. And due to do that, you can apply some natural as well as effective cleaning agents like baking soda, vinegar, sunlight, or even all at the same time. Follow some simple and important directions to release from this situation.

Air your mattress in the sun

First thing first, you should put your damp mattress in the sun, when it rises superbly. The good thing is that a nice day of sunshine can be a wholesome start for making better the damp mattress condition. It’s important to say that, it would be relatively better if you can continue putting the mattress in the sunlight for a several days consecutively.

Vacuum the mattress

Although you can’t notice any mold sign on the mattress like black, brown, or green spot, your mattress is likely has a very thin layer of mold or mildew on its surface. And it can bring back to your life even after drying. So it’s very important to vacuum thoroughly the both sides of your mattress. And to vacuum your moldy mattress, it would be best to use special HEPA vacuum for mattress. On positive note: HEPA vacuum is effective for cleaning mold, bacteria, viruses, and dust mites on the mattress, upholstery, and furniture, and such.But if you don't have it, you can use any handheld vacuum.

Use vinegar

Due to kill bacteria or fungus, use vinegar on your mattress. For your convenient use, first, fill a plastic spray bottle with white vinegar and then spray it on the mattress thoroughly until it feels damp. In the same way, spray this distilled white vinegar the other side of your mattress. After that, let it dry.

Use tea tree oil

If you notice mold on the mattress still now, then use tea tree oil. Although vinegar is naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal, but not all types and all. That’s why, apply tea tree oil. And to do that, make a solution with teaspoon of tea tree oil with a cup of warm water. Shake it well and pour it in a spray bottle. Then spray it on a sponge and apply it all over the mattress. When done, keep the mattress into fresh air to dry completely.

Use baking soda

As baking soda is good for absorbing bad odor, sprinkle a handful of baking soda over the mattress. However, it’s not possible to eat away the bad smell instantly. So leave the mattress with baking soda around 2-3 days. Afterward, vacuum the baking soda with the best mattress vacuum cleaner.

Expert tips:  If you’re not satisfied with removing musty smell on mattress, then use shaving foam with clean cloth as a practical solution. Apply it all over the mattress wait some time to work superbly and then wipe off with wet microfiber cloth and then using a dry cloth, again wipe it out. Finally, let it dry with fresh air or other something like fan or in the sun. Now your mattress is ready to use.

How to prevent mold growth

Before you prevent mold growth, first you have to know what causes mold. Actually, mold or mildew thrives in moisture or humid condition, and porous materials that is used for making mattress. Apart from humidity, these types of porous materials help absorb moisture, like sweat from the body while sleeping. If this is the case, always try to keep your mattress under the sun, or try to use fan, dehumidifier, or air conditioner regularly. Hopefully, these types of actions will be effective to prevent mold growth and spreading as well.


When you think why my mattress smells like mildew. Just don’t fret! Check the above stated causes on your mattress and go over the further step what we have already mentioned to get rid of that bad smell problem. Although it’s a time-consuming process, it would be a trouble-free as well as effective method for you. So make your mind, be patient, and start your job. And share your valuable comment in our comment box.

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