Surprising Ways of Using Vacuum Cleaner

Now a day's a vacuum cleaner is an important house maintenance thing or product. It is really helpful for keeping your floors and walls nice and clean, but you might not know that there are many surprising ways of using vacuum cleaner. Actually, this versatile tool has various different utilization all around your home. So you can apply those uncommon ways of using this tool in your home as well. 

Following are those surprising ways of using vacuum cleaner

We are discussing here some surprising ways of using vacuum cleaner those are very uncommon but very effective and interesting as well.

Make your home incredible scent

You can find something mysterious and magical regarding the aroma of your home. If you don't have the patience to grow natural plants around your home, then there is a clever and simple way to make your residence scent just like spring. For this, pick your favorite perfume or oil and dip a cotton ball in it, after that put this small cotton ball into your vacuum bag. Then while you clean your home, the aroma will delicately release itself. And in this way, it will freshen up the air of your home.

Find small lost items

 It is one of the best surprising ways of using vacuum cleaner. If you lose your tiny item like an earring or small tool, you might be lured to think it's quite impossible to get it back. But you can really find it very easily with vacuum cleaner. Just cover the hose of the vacuum cleaner with a piece of cloths and secure it with a plastic bag. After that run this hose over the floors, behind bed, in between couch pillows or another area where you think your missing item may be, now the vacuum cleaner will suck it up and you will find your precious, missing things.

Use to clean a dusty or crumby keyboard

​Most of us like cookies or something like that, right? These are normally good to enjoy when we are doing anything relaxing…… Such as after finishing your office time while browse the internet. Sadly, your computer keyboard gets a little bit of taste of your creamy cookies as well. If you go to IT technical, he will tell you theses creamy cookies or crumbs are the most common cause of your keyboard malfunction.
Now to clean this keyboard, use the crevice tool of your vacuum and run it softly over the keyboard. It will remove all the dust and debris.

Use to clean your lint filter of your washing machine

This is another surprising ways of using vacuum cleaner. Normally lint can gather in the filter of your washing machine, which makes it less effective after a while. So, it is very important to clean-up the lint filter regularly. To do this, you can use your vacuum's brush attachment and then use vacuum attachment hose to suck up lint. It will take a few seconds, but clean your washing machine effectively.
Vacuum cleaners are usually an extremely effective device to take away lint- you can also utilize the extension to effectively and quickly clean the lint of furniture or clothing as well.
Last but not least, you can also clean up the car carpet by this vacuum cleaner.

Kill irritating fleas

Now a day's fleas are a very common problem for house pets, especially dogs and cats that spend more time outdoors. You will get many chemicals in the market to kill them, but those chemicals can be harmful, and you might not want them around your family members or pets. Rather, give your entire surfaces a complete vacuuming with the best vacuum cleaner. After some time you will see all fleas are gone. That means strong vacuuming is effective for killing fleas. 

Remove crumbs in your kitchen

Vacuum cleaners are not only essential for vacuuming the surfaces or floors they are helpful for getting the kitchen area looking spotless and shinny. Sometimes crumbs can get stuck in your cabinets, on your countertops, or in your appliances, that can make them very difficult to clean. For this you can use your vacuum's attachment (crevice tool) to remove those crumbs effectively and quickly.

Clean Household Plants

Your indoor plants need water. So give them sufficient water as well as sunlight and say great things to them. And clean their beautiful leaves with the vacuum cleaner regularly.

Deodorize a smelly cushion

To soak up odors on any luxurious thing (like- pillows, cushion, mattress, and carpets) which is quite impossible to go through the washing machine, try a small amount of baking soda. Spread this soda onto that area and let it to stay around 30 minutes and then vacuum this away with the vacuum cleaner. After some time you will see all the dirt, stickiness, and dust have gone.

​That being said, if you use any special vacuum like a vacuum cleaner with HEPA, then you would be able to clean other surprising things such as mold, bacteria, mites, and so on.


Finally, just be innovative and think differently, then you will solve so many problems in your home with this device. You can also use the dusting brush of this vacuum cleaner on windowsills, in a car, kitchen appliances, door tracks, lampshades, blinds, mirror and picture frames and so on. In a word, you can be benefited many ways with this device easily and efficiently.

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Thanks for these amazing hacks.


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