Sweat Stains on Mattress | Ultimate Guide & Tips

We spend at least third of our life on the bed that is to say on the mattress. So this mattress is one of the most useful household items and of course, you should take care of it properly. But the truth of the matter is that despite of taking care of it, different types of spills and stains like sweat stains will be faced usually.

Actually, sweat is just the salt and moisture which comes from our body. And after mixing with the oils on our skin, it creates stain that can discolour this product as well as make foul odour eventually. So it’s important to clean it as quickly as possible due to prevent this nasty stain from setting into the deep fibre of this item.

But the good news is that it will be particularly easy if you know the right way and the name of proper cleaning items and tools to clean mattress sweat stains. In the following, we are going to teach you some important tips on how to clean sweat stains on mattress successfully.

How to clean sweat stains on mattress with natural and chemical product

Mattress sweat stains is a common problem in our life. Despite of cleaning your mattress once in a while, it can be happened-no big deal. It’s very easy to clean with some essentials found in the kitchen. There are some ways to remove those stains or even old tough stains also. And the good news is that cleaning this stain is much easier that you might think of. Below we have laid out the most effective methods on how to clean yellow sweat stains on mattress on by one:

Use Baking soda

Baking soda is really natural as well as non-toxic cleaner for any stain, especially sweat stains on your mattress. This product is very effective and completely safe to your lovely kids or pets at the same time. Apart from stains, baking soda is also helpful for getting rid of foul odour as well.

  • First off, remove all the beddings like blankets, pillows, toys, and other items from your mattress and vacuum the top of it thoroughly. It will help remove dust mite, hair, dead skin, and other debris from the bed. With this in mind, with the aid of wide brush attachment, first, clean the top of the mattress and the long upholstery nozzle vacuum all the nooks, crannies, and edges satisfactorily when vacuuming 
  • Sprinkle the baking soda all over the stained area and with the help of a bristle brush rub it gently.
  • Wait for about 30 minutes or more (it would be better if you keep it 24 hours to do its job) depending on your stain level to work successfully.
  • Then using upholstery attachment or the best handheld vacuum, you will vacuum all the baking soda. After you are done with cleaning baking soda, you will notice the stains are mostly gone.
  • If the sweat stains on mattress pad or cover still persist, repeat the previous procedure patiently.

Use dry laundry detergent

Before you start this method, vacuum your mattress just like method one that means vacuum rigorously after removing all the belonging from the bed.

  • Make a paste of equal parts of dry laundry detergent and water
  • Spread it onto the stain liberally- make sure that it’s covered fully
  • Let the paste stand for about 40 minutes or so
  • Using a clean towel, sponge the sweat stained area with that detergent paste
  • Wipe off that area with a clean cloth dipped into water and the let it dry
  • If you’re not satisfied with the result of detergent, then keep on repeating this step until the nasty stain disappears.

Use hydrogen peroxide and laundry detergent for old sweat stain

If your mattress got old sweat stains on mattress cover that is completely impossible to remove you think, then apply hydrogen peroxide and laundry detergent solution. However, it’s important to remember that before using hydrogen peroxide, of course, you have to wear protective gloves and the working area will be well-ventilated. And make sure that this hydrogen peroxide is fairly mild that means 3% of hydrogen peroxide.

  • Mix one cup of hydrogen peroxide with two table spoon of laundry detergent
  • Stir them nicely until they form a paste
  • Gently apply this paste over the sweat stained places on your mattress
  • Leave it for about 10 minutes or more
  • With the aid of a sponge, scrub that dirty area and wipe with the clean cloth dipped into fresh water.
  • Finally, proced to dry. And to do it faster, you can point the fan at the wet area. If you're not satisfied with the result, then you can use one table spoon of baking soda with this and repeat the process.

Aside from above statedle caning agents, you can also use any commercial stain remover that would be effective as well.

Top tip: Don't put full-strength hydrogen peroxide on your mattress fabrics before testing them. Because it can cause damage on fabrics color or mattress foam.


We have already discussed above on how to clean sweat stains on mattress. Although removing sweat stains from your mattress is not easy task, with our easy and effective methods, it will be much easier to get the job done in no time. Aside from cleaning this stain, we recommend cleaning this thing regularly to prolong the lifespan of this. And by regular cleaning, keep your bed nice and fresh and keep the allergies and all the bugs at bay.

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