The Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E Vacuum Review

Are your carpeted stairs full of dirt, dust, pet hair as well as other allergens and debris? Is it very difficult to vacuum your staircase with bigger vacuum cleaner? If yes, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E vacuum cleaner will be the best for you. This vacuum is more convenient upright vacuum.

 It is an upright vacuum cleaner with all the essential functions required for both bare floor and carpet cleaning. So, it is not merely a vacuum for carpeted stairs, but this is an all-rounder vacuuming unit that will perform all the vacuuming chores perfectly.

 Its versatility makes this an outstanding option for vacuuming carpeted stairs, removing hair from upholstery, and restricted places. Significantly, its hose and 30 feet long cord makes easy to clean stairs.

Shark Navigator Lift AwayNV356E

Product dimensions – 15 X11.4 X 45.5 inches
Item weight - 13.7 pounds
Shipping weight - 20.3 pounds
Manufacturer - Shark
Item model no - NV356E

Features of shark navigator Lift-away 356E vacuum

  • Portable and lift away canister design: The Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E is transportable, lightweight advantages of a lift away canister which you can just hold in your one hand using its handle and vacuum your carpeted stairs using its hose with the other hand. With its canister mode you can use this to clean your upholstery, stairs and difficult to reach areas.
  • HEPA filter and Anti allergen technology:This vacuum features HEPA filter and anti allergen technology. This HEPA filter makes sure that your house will be completely allergen free. With its anti-allergen sealing method, you can be assured that the dirt and dust are not getting back into the air of your room. Actually, this is the best vacuum for allergies.
  • 30 feet long cord: The Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E includes 30 feet long cord which makes it perfect for cleaning carpeted stairs. It is possible to take all the way up your carpeted stairs without replugging the cable.
  • Small Cleaning Path: It has 9.5 inches cleaning path that is the smallest cleaning path on our list. But, for its easy maneuverability, it does not create a big problem.
  • Powerful Attachments: The Shark Navigator Lift Away NV356E vacuum cleaner includes powerful attachments such as dusting brush, crevice tool, pet power brush, and so on. Using this pet power brush, you can clean pet hair from entire house including carpeted stairs. This brush has strong bristles to extract dust, dirt, allergens, and pet hair from your deep carpet and upholstery as well.
  • Never loses suction technology: Shark Navigator made with better technology of suction power which prevents filtration system to get blocked by filtering dust and dirt from the air. It maintains the suction power good every time. Its HEPA filtration and the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology help to grab allergens and dust, and the air keep fresh.

Pros and cons of this vacuum at a glance;

  • Great vacuum on your stairs.
  • The combination of HEPA filtration and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology to trap the dust, dirt, and allergen inside the vacuum cleaner.
  • A microfiber pad for cleaning tiny particles and Dust- Away hard floor attachment for vacuuming hard floor.
  • Motorized Brush Roll On/Off buttons for cleaning carpet floors and bare floors.
  • Crevic tool and 30 feet long power cable for quick and easy cleaning.
  • This vacuum cleaner is lightweight.
  • Suction power is superb.
  • Detachable Lift-Away canister and spare big dust cup for more convenient use.
  • 5 years warranty.
  • Its swivel head makes this simple to maneuver.
  • It is not constructed well.
  • Its hose is a bit short.
  • Sometimes, stopped working got it from customer's review.


The Shark Navigator Lift Away NV356E is user friendly and very good on stairs. It is lightweight and extremely maneuverable. You will not need to stress your back due to get any tight places, all around corners, or under table. Its power cord is 30 feet long, so you need not to continuously unplug and go another power point. When its canister is full of dirt, hair, dust, or anything else it managed to pick up on your stairs, just empty it into your bin.


The Shark Navigator Lift Away NV356E is an upright vacuum which is really difficult to beat. It is just one of the best upright vacuum cleaners for carpeted stairs. With HEPA filtration system, easy-to use lift away canister, and easy to maneuver swivel head, you can tackle dirt, debris, and pet hair throughout your home easily. It has powerful attachments like bare floors tool and pet hair turbo brush and these tool let you vacuum both carpeted and non carpeted stairways.

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